9 years

Today Josh and I have been married 9 years.  I love being married to him.  He is such a great husband, Daddy, and my very best friend.  We have a lunch date today…thanks to Mrs. Mary!  And Friday night we plan to do something out and away from the kids.  I recapped the whole dating, engagement, marriage stuff last January 27th.  Feel free to click on that link if you are dying to hear all about it.  🙂

Last night we were all just hanging out in the living room for a little while.  Ruby, Molly and Mack were pretending and using their imagination in some hilarious ways.  At one point Ruby was mad at me because, “You won’t play the game.  If you don’t play the game, then there is nothing to play.”  The game, you see, was one where I was supposed to be her “worker-elf” that did whatever work she needed done.  I told her I do that every day and it doesn’t feel very much like a game at all…..

Ruby drew a super-hero for her yearbook.  I took a picture of it (though I cannot post it due to a chewed up Nikon cord) because what is supposed to be wings actually looks like a bust…and a large bust at that.  She was also supposed to tell the “strength” that her super hero has.  She said her super hero could fly.  I seriously doubt that girl could get off the ground with that chest.  I guess that is what would make it a super hero???  I don’t know.

Potty training update:  Mack is tee-teeing quite regularly, all in an effort to “get a candy.”  He is starting to hold the poops.  That causes issues.

Molly update:  She continues to be a sweet, sweet helper.  She organized her pajama drawer last night!  Took all of them out, folded them and put them back.  Wow.

Ruby  has been having “Cowboy/Cowgirl” week at school.  I have pictures of that, but no cord!

Random enough for you?

Gotta go.


It seems that Mack has bitten my Nikon cord thingy that uploads pictures from my camera to my computer.  It doesn’t work now.  Lovely.  The blog and pictures can continue when someone buys me another cord.

It dropped!

The pound cake fell beautifully out of the bunt pan.  (I thought you spelled bunt, “bundt.”  Did anyone else think that?  Why did I think that?)  Anyway, last night when Josh came home and the timer rang on the oven, we pulled out the cake, Josh flipped it over and it fell!  I was nervous.

I took it to Sunday School today, and I told lots of people I made it because I was that excited about it. I temporarily forgot all the benefits of a humble heart.

Pioneer Woman’s recipe is called “The Perfect Pound Cake,” in case you want the recipe.  Josh says Deidre has a lemon icing that would be great with it.  She said she’d share her recipe if I gave her this one.  So I did.  🙂

It is a rainy, cold day here in GA!  Again.  When I looked back at some January blogs from last year I see that I was a little stir-crazy from all of us being in the house a lot then, too.  Can’t wait for warmer days.  I’ll start singing, “Here comes the sun, ladoolada, Here comes the sun…..,” and go grab my bikini!

BBWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Haven’t worn a bikini in about 9 years…..the thought is funny, very funny.

OK, my time on here is done.  Too delirious.

The Ivey Visit

Marcy and Jesse and their two little ones came to visit Friday and stayed until this evening.  We enjoyed having them here!  Poor little Vance wasn’t feeling well and ended up with a fever.  He was pitiful.

He laid on the couch for most of the night, hugging his bear, coughing and eating some Froot Loops while watching NEMO.  He did feel much better the next morning.  He was talking and talking, and Ruby said to Uncle Jesse, “He must be the captain of your house because he really talks a lot.”  Sweet Captain Vance.

Molly spend most of the time following Renn around, trying to help her walk or sit or stand or eat…the only problem with this is that Renn does not need help, nor does she even want help.  This combination was maddening.  I tried to get Molly to leave her alone or just play with her instead of “mothering” her to death and making her mad.  My efforts were in vain, so I just left her alone.  Renn stood her ground and let Molly know when enough was enough.

Sweetie was kind enough to send some Valentine’s Day pajamas for the girls.  We tried to get a picture of all three of them together.

We had a small miracle occur from Mack:

He can smile for the camera.  Who knew?!

Ruby and Mack played rough together most of Friday night.  She loves a good wrestling match.  She probably only stands another year or two of winning with him!

We woke up and ate pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast.  It was good.  We also went out to TJ Maxx and Books A Million in FREEZING weather.  I complained about living here where it is so stinkin’ cold.  Josh made fun of me, like he usually does.  It happens every time.

Mmmm.  Bacon.

Renn was really trying to get an M&M out of the bottom of this ziploc bag.

So a fun time was had by all.  I hope that they will come again when it is warmer so that we can enjoy the great outdoors together.

I better go check on the pound cake I am baking.  It is Pioneer Woman’s recipe.  I will post a picture of how it looks after it is finished cooking IF it turns out pretty.  If not, I will be forced to eat it all in an effort to get rid of any evidence that the cake was a flop.  Good Saturday night to ya’!

Yes, he did.

I have had a wonderful day here at the house.  The kids watched a movie while it poured down rain this morning, and I cleaned up the kitchen, did some laundry and made up beds.  I cooked spaghetti and bread and brownies for our great friends, The Koesters.  They came over to eat and play and do a Valentine’s craft, of which I am just now realizing I did not take one picture!!!  Ugh.  Anyway, I sat down to check emails after they left and while we waited on Josh to get home.  Josh called in the meantime.  I was talking to him for about 4 minutes.  In that time I realized that Mack had disappeared, which is never, ever good.  I told Josh I needed to go find him.  He walked around the corner with his head totally wet and part of his forehead.  Immediately he starts apologizing.  “I sorry.  I sorry.  I sorry!”  I said, “MACK!  What did you do?  Where did you get water?  Show me.”   He took me to the bathroom where I thought I might find a messy sink.  Nope.



The girls never, ever did that.  Ever.

What makes one decide to lean over and stick their head into the toilet, where they KNOW WHAT GOES IN THE TOILET????


I don’t know.

But, why do I take pictures?  I suppose it is so I won’t scold him.  Might as well laugh about it.  AFTER I tell him to never do that ever again.

Molly was trying to figure out why he did it.  He wasn’t offering any good reason at all.  He just kept saying, “I say sorry!”

More from Mack (and Jack)

I don’t know where this boy gets these things.  He says so many funny things.  Tonight on the way home from church he said he really had to go to the potty.  Josh had already said that he could wait until we got home.  Mack said, “I potty when we get home.  That’s the deal.”

This afternoon when he was resisting a poo-poo, I got firm with him and said, “Mack.  You get on that potty and stay there until you poop.”  He walked away, towards the potty and said to himself, “Bad Attitude.”  When questioned on whom he was referring to, he said,”Mack have bad attitude.”  I think he was just saving himself some trouble.

Ruby was keeping the details of her pet rock from Josh.  She wanted to surprise him and show him how she had decorated it for her school assignment.  Ruby and Josh went back and forth several times, all the while Ruby was set on NOT giving Josh any details.  Mack blurts out, “It’s purple.”  Ruby gets very upset.  Mack doesn’t understand why she is upset, of course, and he keeps telling things about her rock.  I told him to be quiet and stop talking about the rock.  He says to me, “I am not finished talking to Daddy.  I have to keep telling Daddy some-fin.”

He also pretended to ride a horse in the back seat like “Tallers.”  That is “Charles” from Little House on the Prairie.  He was telling the horse, “Yah!,” but the horse wouldn’t go.  He told Molly that she looked like that girl, “Laurel” when I braided a couple parts of her hair.  He meant “Laura.”

Switching gears, can I just say that Molly is a sweet little thing?  She is!  She has been a joy to be around lately.  She entertains Mack while Ruby and I do school.  She is so patient and kind and giving with him.  She cleaned up her closet all by herself.  She says to Ruby off and on, “I cleaned up the closet with nobody helping.”  Her face is usually very serious, and she shakes her head up and down very gently and blinks her eyes slowly.  She is proud of herself.  She also has done great in her Art and Music classes, as well as Sunday School and Cubbies.  Her verse this week was, “we ought to love one another.”  She told Josh, “Not we GOT to love one another, but we OUGHT to love one another.”  She thought ‘ought’ was a funny word.

She goes Friday morning to have some testing done for entering Kindergarten in the Fall.  She is so excited.  We’ve been practicing by role playing.  She tends to freeze up and go mute when she is uncomfortable or doesn’t know the person she is with.  I gently remind her that if she doesn’t talk and answer questions, then they will think she can’t speak and little kids in Kindergarten have to speak.  She role plays very well.  I really do pray that she will answer their questions and not just stare at them with her lips pursed.

Ok. I better go.  Josh is watching “24.”  He rented a season.  I can’t watch that show.  It is sooooooo intense.  He probably doesn’t like watching it with me in the room anyway. I say, “Oh, yeah.  Like that could happen” or “That is so impossible.  I can’t believe you watch this.”  It’s my way of coping with the intensity.  He also puts it on at 9:00pm in our bedroom.  I have crazy dreams after that show!!

My friend, Mary, is coming over tomorrow.  I hope to post some pictures of our crafty time together!

Until then, let me go see how Jack Bauer is saving the world.


The sun came out today.  It was beautiful.  The kids loved it!

I have to go prepare dinner, but there are  more cute pictures from the day!  We were very productive this morning with some school work.  We found a rock outside for Ruby’s little project.  Then, the kids just stayed outside for a long time.  We even ate lunch outside this afternoon.  Mack had to be an “old man” that Ruby yelled at for $55 to go to Chuck E. Cheese during the first part of their time outside.  Then, he was a little brother named “Franklin” that kept running away.  She would chase him down and drag  him to his Mama, who was Molly.  It was an interesting afternoon.  I even have a pic of Ruby with her imaginary dog that got a bit out of control.  Maybe I can post them later.  For now, hungry people are waiting on me.

January Hum-Drum Randomness

January is slowly moving on.  Today is Jesse, my brother-in-law’s birthday…”Happy Birthday, Uncle Jesse!!,” holler the kids.  He is a nice Uncle Jesse.  I hope he has a great day!

I have a funny story, but I don’t have any pictures to go along with it.  You’ll understand after you read it.

Ruby was getting ready to go to a Birthday Tea for her friend.  We were getting the gift all wrapped up, but Ruby wanted me to read her the book we were giving to her friend.  I told her we didn’t really have time for that, so I read it at a very fast rate.  Basically, Fancy Nancy ends up in pajamas just like two other girls in the book and the girls in the story are so happy to be dressed alike and call themselves triplets.  Cute, cute.  WELL, I tell the kids to run off and wait for me in my bathroom because they needed a shower.  Two seconds later they all return, all completely naked and all saying, “We are TRIPLETS.  Look at us, WE ARE TRIPLETS.”   Oh my goodness.

Another story.  Mack was mad as could be after lunch today because Josh wiped his hands off, but Mack didn’t think they were dirty.  Josh said, “Oooh, Kristy, look at that face on Mack.”  He turned around and showed me his scowl.  I just smiled and said, “Mack, you are so sweet.”  He got a little more angry and said, “NO, I not sweet.  Look at my face.  I mad.”

On a positive note, Molly came out of class today and told us every single detail of the Bible Story she learned today.  I was so proud of her!  She had to be listening intently to tell the story to us the way she did.

We had shown the kids some pictures from the Haiti earthquake this morning.  They were giving money towards the relief efforts in church, so we wanted them to see why they were giving.  They asked some questions about the pictures–especially any pictures of little kids.  They were definitely moved by what they saw. We then went right to the car to head to church.  Ruby said, “I think after everyone gets buckled we should pray about the earthquake.”  She prayed for those who live in Haiti and asked God to help them.  I feel so helpless and so sad looking at the pictures of the devastation.  But Ruby was exactly right on what we should do–Pray.  Prayer is powerful and effective.  It isn’t all we can do, it’s the best thing we can do!

Ruby also grabbed Mack’s arm after he hit her with his Sunday School craft and told him, “If you hit me with that paper again I’m gonna spit in your face.”

So, obviously, she has a ways to go on her spiritual journey.

And so do I.

Random Funny-ness

Mack saying his night time prayers: “Dear Heavenly Father, Nice to meet you.”


Molly got dressed for bed in footie flannel hot pajamas AND left her socks on!  She realized it when I made her go potty right before bed.


Ruby actually thought I really wanted her and Molly to sleep with me when Josh was gone because “you’ll be all by yourself!!”

If she only knew!  I love being by myself.  Love. it.  The quietness.  The stillness.  The rarity of it all.

This Time Last Year…..

I looked back at our blog from this date last year, and I found a post about each kiddo.  It’s fun to look back and see how much things have changed!


And I don’t know how to put in a link…isn’t that ridiculous?  I don’t know how to add friend’s blogs to the side either.  I need Blog 101 in a bad way.

If you want to click on January 12th from last year (grandparents are the ones who are even halfway interested in this), then you can do that!