That Molly girl is so sweet.  It’s funny to think about how when she was little she knew exactly how to suck the life out of me by following me around step by step all day long.  She would say, no less than 500 times a day with her hand held up and a sweet, solemn look on her face, “Hold me.  Hold me.  Hold me.  Will you hold me?”

She has grown in to a 5 year old, confident and crazy little girl.  She really goes out of her way to listen to Ruby and play with her.  And she almost always plays with Mack in the sweetest of ways.  I just love seeing her as she works out her own little life from being stuck right in the middle.  She got invited to a slumber party last Friday, and she was thrilled.  The party was at her Sunday School teacher’s house for her friend, Anna.  Ruby was M-A-D that she was not included in this party; Molly was very proud that she was the one invited.  I was actually very happy, too.  Molly doesn’t usually get to do things…don’t know what it is about the first born, but they seem to get the first chances at everything.  I know it is just the nature of the beast, but it can wear a second born out.  (I just picture my sister, Marcy, rolling her eyes about now, so let me quickly interject that I AM SO GLAD I AM NOT THE FIRST BORN.  Too much pressure!)  Ok, so let me finish this story about Molly.

After packing her own bag (Ruby wouldn’t have known where to start), she showed me that she also packed her Devotion Book.  “Well, Molly, isn’t that just so sweet.  I am so proud of you for packing that!”  And off she went to play and paint fingernails and stay up late and eat cake and ice cream with her friends.  She knew two of the girls and didn’t know the other two.  Ends up, her teacher and my friend emailed me and said that Molly took her devo book out and read about Noah to the girls.  One little girl hadn’t heard about the story, and I am just so happy that Molly had the book with her to share.  I just love that she was able to do be a part of that!  I hope she introduces the Bible to more girls in her life than I have ever even met in all of my life.  That’d be something.

Does it get any cuter than this?

Some Augusta Pictures

It’s been a couple of weeks since I was there, but here are some pictures.

My dad is somewhere back there behind these kiddos….

It was fun to hang out with the family, go to Old MacDonalds Fish Camp, visit MeMe, go see Grandaddy, and celebrate Kaybeth’s 4th birthday.  We stayed busy the whole time.  The kids always like going to see Sweetie and Paw!

It’s Hard to Keep Up

It’s hard to keep up with the ol’ blog this Summer.  We are having a ton of fun and enjoying being home with nothing that has to be done.  We’ve had some time with friends this past week, we’ve been to Augusta for a visit and will leave soon for a trip to South GA.  Every Tuesday night is a Ladies Bible Study.  We’ve had three so far…four more to go.  It’s a great time.

Molly had a slumber party last night, which was so fun for her.  Ruby was mad about it for a while, but she got over it…and she got to watch Anne of Green Gables until nearly 11:00pm.  Today has been a good SAturday or a little cleaning, a little relaxing, a little movie watching, a little bill paying….and maybe a trip to Rita’s in our near future.

I hope to have some pictures and maybe get a little more creative with the blog.  Not sure why I am having a hard time with it–except that it is summer, and we are part brain-dead.  🙂

Fun in the Sun

We have spent a ton of time at the pool.  Ruby had her second swim lesson and is doing the basic front stroke very well!  I paid for three sessions, so Molly is going to use the third one since Ruby seems to be very comfortable in the pool.  We’ll see how Molly handles it….

Here are just a couple of shots from today.  They all loved going down the slide over and over and over again.  I had to stay in there to make sure Mack made it out alive.  He is hilarious.  The second his head pops up from under water he says, “One more time???!!!????”

When I let him jump in without swimmies, he comes up with his hands over his head saying, “Woo-wooo, oh yeah, oh yeah!”  Crazy kid, I tell you.

Sweet Ruby is such a first-born child.  She mothers the other two and always made sure I knew when Mack was coming down the slide.  Look at her with her hand on Molly’s shoulder.

Mack and the girls went through a new box of Vanilla Wafers in about four minutes this afternoon.  They eat a ton out there.

We’re Alive!

My how time flies when you are having fun!  Summer has been great around here.  I have enjoyed spending the long days with the kids.  We visit the pool for hours at a time.  Ruby can swim well.  Molly is working on it and Mack loves the water with his swimmies on…he is like a fish…with swimmies. I get to sit in the sun and watch.  As long as I throw food their way from time to time, all is well.  We have been to the library a couple of times.  We usually check out about 25 books.  Josh thought we had done something illegal.  He saw all the books and said, “Are you sure they let you take that many out?”  Ruby reads all of the time.  She finally has a lamp next to her bed, so she loves staying up a little later than everyone else and reading.

Admittedly, we haven’t done as much “school” type work as I had hoped, but I think it is only fair to give ourselves a substantial break before working in the math and comprehension stuff.

Anyway, let me post some pictures…they may be random, but here we go:

Let’s start with a pic of a warthog because, oh my, have you ever seen such an ugly animal???!!!  We were amazed at its ugliness.  Whew.  Mack was HILARIOUS!  He stood there watching the warthogs and said, “I just can’t tell which is the mama and which  is the daddy.”  Usually the mama is prettier to look at, but not in this case.

There were two little warthogs that were playing/fighting.  We told the kids to “look at those little kids fighting with each other.”  Then, the little one went over and started nursing with the mom and Mack said, “Oh, and now the baby is fighting with the mama.”  Hilarious.

Ruby opened up some OLIVIA books on her birthday.  She loved them!

Mack did not understand why he wasn’t getting presents.  He even walked around with one of Ruby’s birthday bags waiting his turn to open something…this picture shows me explaining to him why he didn’t get a gift.

We rode all the way down to the zoo, but Mack was still mad that it wasn’t his birthday.

PawPaw and Uncle Jason came to the zoo with us.

Mack led us around using his map.  When this map tore, he was very upset and made PawPaw promise to get him a new one.

…and he did!

Ruby loved climbing.

Mack chose a safer way to climb.

Sweetie and PawPaw came to visit Ruby for her birthday.  I know this is Molly in the pic above…I have a few others with Ruby in the picture, but my mom decided to go ahead and take both girls to The American Girl store to pick out a doll for each of their birthdays.  Molly’s birthday is in August…plus Sweetie couldn’t stand the thought of buying Ruby a doll and not letting Molly get one, too.

I took this pic with my phone, hence the poor quality.  The girls were so excited once they realized that they would get to walk out of the store with a doll!

When we walked through the mall with the bags, I told my mom that we are the people that Josh walks by and rolls his eyes about…then mumbles something about, “I can’t believe people spend that kind of money on a doll…..”

After I took a picture of Molly with her doll, Mack went and got his “Woody the Sheriff” to take a picture with…it is hard being a boy in our family sometimes.  Sweetie got him a hat and a pair of shorts.  We couldn’t leave him out!

This picture cracks me up because this is what it is like around here a lot.  Mack can be such a funny, crazy, stinker sometimes.  The girls, at times, act mature and treat him like he is years and years younger than they are.  He just acts crazy or mad most of the time.  You never know what to expect from him.

I hope I will be a little more consistent with the blog, but I make no promises.  🙂