All day long.

My kids have literally been outside 90% of this beautiful day!
Here was math:





Josh is working late tonight, so while I’m cooking, they are still at it—playing their little hearts out. Mack has his sword out, of course.


I’m thinking dinner, showers, and a really good night’s sleep is in order!

Not to be mean, BUT….

This Monday morning started off well, thanks to our commission list we started last week. The kids were folding clothes, vacuuming and dusting and cleaning their bathroom, and I was happy! When I walked through to check their work, I had to correct several things….showing Molly (yet again) what it means to clean a toilet, explaining to Mack that he is, indeed, big enough to empty all the trash cans and helping Ruby match socks. Aahh! This training business is not for the faint of heart.

Imagine my delight when I sat down with the kids to read our memory verse for the week: Proverbs 18:9 “He who is slack in his work is brother to him who destroys.”

After they wrote it down, I asked them what it means and how it applies to our day so far.

Ruby said, “Well, it means that you shouldn’t be lazy while you do work. Like, Molly—not to be mean, but—when you didn’t clean the toilet good at all this morning—-”

She was interrupted by Molly saying, “Sshhh! Let’s not mention that.”

Then, Mack pipes up, “Yeah, Ruby, you didn’t do the sinks that good…”

I interrupted him and said, “Here is a better question. MACK, what did YOU do that would be considered slack this morning??”

I asked each one of them to answer that question. It wasn’t near as much fun for them, but it did redirect them and get them thinking rightly about the verse.

I’m reminded that I often see how “so and so” could apply this verse to their life rather than the better (and only) question…Kristy, how do YOU need to apply this truth to YOUR life?

Thankful to always be learning around here! I hope your Monday is a productive one as well!

Catching Up

What a full life we have! I’m thinking a bit of a photo dump is in order to try and keep up with recording life here on the blog. It’s a great (and more realistic) alternative to scrap booking. I know that won’t be happening, so here goes some randomness. Hopefully it will make sense….

Have I mentioned that Josh and I went to Mexico? Playa del Carmen. It was nice. And warm. It happened between the two winter blasts that Woodstock was in the middle of. It was a nice reprieve.




Once back at home, to pass the time during the snow, I really finished my table in the dining room.


It was a lot of work, but I am pleased that I redid the table and chairs instead of giving it away or selling it.

Let’s not talk anymore about the snow.
I will say that the mail couldn’t keep up with it’s duty in the less than desirable weather conditions, so the Valentine’s gifts I ordered with prime amazon did not come on Valentine’s Day. That was a big, fat disappointment…but I didn’t seem to mind because I was quite preoccupied with strep throat. I don’t recall ever having strep. It was AWFUL!! I started having symptoms early in the week of the second snow, the symptoms got worse and worse. I thought I was going to die by Thursday but my doctor’s office was still closed because of the weather. FINALLY, I got medicine Friday and felt like new Saturday night.
So here are the Stuffies that we got the kids for Valentine’s Day:

Interesting little creatures….they have pockets every where to stuff things in. Kids love them.

Ruby tried out for Kidzplace one day last week. She isn’t sure if drama is her thing, but she enjoyed trying out! I’m so proud of the sweet little girl she is.
I sat next to her in church today, and I love hearing her sing praise songs. She belts the words out and isn’t inhibited by any one.

We took the kids skating the other night

They absolutely love skating.

We started a commission system around here. This dry erase board holds their responsibilities. They initial when they complete the requirements. I erase their initial if it wasn’t done right, and I usually give them one more opportunity to do it right. Josh had a talk with them. He explained to them that we don’t pay them for brushing teeth or getting dressed….those are just part of life.


Pay day was fun for the kids, even though they didn’t get full pay since they didn’t do everything with excellence. But they were able to put some cash in their buckets and get out a tithe for Sunday morning.

Let’s see…what’s next?

Mack got his Bible from Pastor Johnny. Every first grader gets presented with a Bible, Pastor preaches to them, and then they all get a picture made with him. There’s also a pizza party and tons of fun games and stuff in the basement. We have enjoyed this night with each of our kids…this night was bittersweet because it was our last one!!! I was playing around with Mack and pretended to be crying while I said, “My baby is getting his Bible!!!!” He thought I was crazy. And just like Mack, he didn’t want to walk across the stage at first, but once the time came, he loved every minute of it!


I may or may not have paid him $1 to wear khakis instead of jeans. 😳



I pray Mack will take The Word of God (his sword) and wield it as he walks through this life! I shudder at the thought of where I would be without the living, active, powerful Word of God working in my life.
And I am eternally grateful for the local body of Christ we have gotten to be a part of for the past 13 years! Only heaven knows the people who have influenced me, Josh and my kids during our time here. Not the least of which is Pastor Johnny. He is the greatest Pastor ever.


And there you have it. A bit of catching up! Let’s see if I can stay more on top of things around here….

Each so different…

We had what I would call a “work day” around here today. Laundry, cleaning off the stairs (which seems like a silly thing, but it’s necessary if we don’t want to fall and break our neck going up or down the stairs), picking up every Lego piece that has landed in all the wrong places, ironing for an hour and a half, and much more. The house is straightened, which makes me happy. Tomorrow I’ll pull out the vacuum cleaner and dusting spray to finish off what we started today.

We also worked hard on school. Maps, verses, math facts, spelling words, grammar, and more. We finally finished THE APPRENTICE, which I enjoyed. Ruby read the last three chapters to us while I ironed. Molly was obviously not paying attention. She would ask at every break for food or for Ruby to tell her how many more pages. Mack, surprisingly, listened and answered some questions extremely well! So tonight when I asked what they liked the best about the book, the responses were:
Ruby: “I loved how it was about art and it was also a little bit of a mystery.”

Mack: “I am glad that Arduino was able to prove that he wasn’t the one who said that about the Maestro.”

Molly: “I love that it’s over.”

And there you have it. Bless her heart.

Enough Already.

You know the old saying that your mom told you when you were growing up…”If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Yes, I realize this is true. However, I AM SO SICK OF THIS WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!

I read some wholesome post on Facebook about how maybe God is trying to get our attention and remind us to slow down and enjoy time with our family and stay in our home together, soaking up family time. I get that many schedules are full and not many families spend a ton of time under the same roof all week. However, this is what we do almost every single day!!!! We stay home, do school, read books under blankets, bake cookies, play with our toys, and much more…all under the same roof. It’s nice to throw in a library trip or a grocery run. We really feel special when we eat out during the week day.

But this being iced-in business is just about to send me to the looney bin. And there is nothing I can do about it but wait for things to thaw out.

I have a horrible sore throat and need to see a doctor once the sun shines again.
My retainer is cracked, so I need to do see the dentist when the sun comes out.
My roots are horrid, and if I can’t make it to my hair appointment tomorrow evening, I’ll be very sad.
We still have some food to eat, but it won’t last forever.

Oh, I really shouldn’t complain, but since this my blog, I suppose that is up to me. Anyone can stop reading any time.

Here are some pictures of what we’ve been doing. I was productive enough to stain my dining room table, so at least that project is about done.




The girls were playing doctor. Mack has played Legos for hours upon hours. I’ve written cards to Sunday School folks, ironed many clothes, and of course, we’ve done our school work. We don’t really take snow days, but we will take a sun day when it decides to join us again.


Molly made some fabric book marks that are super cute.

So, there you have it. We are hanging on to our sanity by a thin strand around here. Make your judgements about me if you will, but it’s the truth. 😁

So Different!

I was going through my pictures on my phone, deleting ones I ordered from PostalPix app. I’ve come to love this app, so check it out if you want to easily and quickly order pictures from your phone camera roll.
Anyway, I spotted these pictures that being out the difference between girls and boys. Ruby and Molly pose so sweetly….Mack prepares to throw a snowball.


Having girls and a boy is so much fun. I never tire of noticing their major differences.