Funny words from Ruby…

I was telling Ruby and the other two that if they would PARTICIPATE in cleaning up the playroom, then they could get a popsicle.  Ruby got to work right away.  Molly and Mack–not so much.  Ruby kept saying, “Mama, I am PERCIPITATING, right?”  And then she’d say, “Molly and Mack are not PERCIPITATING, are they?”  No, they aren’t.

And then today while playing outside in some water she sees a WASP.  “MAMA!!!  There is a SWAMP.  Is it gonna bite me?”  She warned Molly and Mack to stay away from the “SWAMP,” too.  

She also was “BAP-A-TI-ZING” her baby doll in the water.  She asked me if after you are “BAP-A-TIZED,” do you keep on sinning?  Unfortunately, yes, we do.  I tried to touch on the fact that we don’t have to sin though because God has given us the power not to sin…how we have the Holy Spirit inside us to help us….then she said something like, “Will you not watch me do this?”  I think she had heard enough from me.  

We have had a fun day today.  The weather is clear and hot, but windy, so it is tolerable outside today.  I have a lot of work to do around this house.  I just don’t feel like PERCIPITATING though.  I would enlist some help, but I am sure that they would not be willing to PERCIPITATE either.  

Pictures to come on 1)Molly having a friend over, 2) our trip to Augusta, 3) my attempt to let Mack try out underwear.  And just for the record, he is very much still in a diaper.  Very much.


This picture was taken by my room mate, Paige, while we sat and ate at Huddle House in Cochran, GA.  Josh and I were in school at Middle Georgia College.  He was always playing baseball.  I was the pool “I.D. taker-upper,” which explains why I look so tan.  Is that not the funniest job?  I wasn’t the lifeguard or anything important like that.  I laid out in the sun while students brought me their school I.D. card so that they could swim in the pool.  Oh the life.  Surely I complained of nothing during those days….surely.

I do love this picture because we weren’t even dating at the time.  And because we look 14 years old, comparatively speaking.  

And my teeth and smile—still as big as ever.  The hair is like a lead singer from a 1980’s hard rock group.  

I had about four pictures out that I found of Josh and me, and Ruby said, “Mom, you look different in all of those pictures…some are blonde, some are long hair, some are short, some of them you are dark and some of them you are light.”  I like to change things up, I guess. (As opposed to Josh who has had the same basic hair-do for about 16 years or so.) I do that with my groceries, too…you never know what brand I might come home with.  Josh doesn’t seem to mind all of my changes, but as far as groceries go, he’d like me to stick with what tastes best.


A Mess

We had a fun day.  It started off with a playdate at DeDe’s house.  It is always good to see DeDe and Kathy…long time friends…and we have 8 kids combined, so that is always fun!  The kids played in a couple of baby pools and on a slip-n-slide.  We ate lunch there and everything.  After we left, we drove to the new house to water the grass a little bit.  Once we got back to our house the kids just played and played.  They usually play so well with their own stuff after being away from home for several hours.  Mack made his way outside.  I heard Molly say, “Mack thinks that dirt is poo-poo.”  I didn’t really know what she was talking about.  After sweeping and mopping the kitchen, I opened the back door and found that Mack had opened up the bag of potting soil and dumped it everywhere…including all over himself.  I undressed him and put him in the sink.  He sure is a big “baby” to be taking a sink bath!  But he sure is cute.  Check out that farmer’s tan.





I am trying to be mindful that the everyday stuff…the conversations with the girls, the new words Mack says, the messes, the laundry, our music time, teaching Ruby to read….just the mommy stuff I do is so precious.  I am sure the time is flying by faster than I even realize.  I am definitely enjoying the kids more and more these days, and for that I am grateful.

Father’s Day 2009

DSC_0002This day has been so wonderful!  We got up and got ready for church.  The kids gave Josh their pictures/card and a couple of books, a box of Moon Pies and a digital coin counter.  He got a pair of new tennis shoes in light of Father’s Day a few weeks back.  We had a great Sunday School class, a fabulous sermon where many, many people got saved, and then we came home.  And I cooked.  I cook most nights of the week, but it is usually very simple.  This afternoon I cooked chicken thighs, butter peas, creamed corn, and I baked some chicken and dressing Irv had left here.  YUMMY.  Then, we took a sweet uninterrupted nap and woke up to have pound cake and Blackberry Cobbler Ice cream.  Oh my.  We have continued to enjoy the day by doing much of nothing.  And we needed a day like this!  

I am so thankful for Josh today and every day.  He is a wonderful father to our three kids.  They are so blessed to have a Daddy who loves the Lord, loves me, and loves them so very much.  He provides, he teaches, he is involved, he is affectionate, he plays with them, he disciplines them in love, and more!  I am glad he has enjoyed his Father’s Day!

Here are some answers to some of the questions I asked the kids about him:


Ruby-“Green or ummm hazel.”  Molly- “BLUE!!!”  Mack- “No.”


Ruby- “23”  Molly- “21”  Mack- “Daddy eyes.”


Ruby- “to ride our bikes”   Molly'”to get a slushee”   Mack- “Uh. No.”


Ruby- “preach”  Molly- “preach”  Mack-“Daddy eye”


Ruby- “chicken with a sandwich”  Molly- “mashed potatoes”  Mack- “Daddy eat.”


Ruby- “football and golf”  Molly- “Baseball”  Mack- “T.V.”


Ruby- “that I love him and the he drives the car to church and that I love him so, so very much”  Molly- “I love him.  He tickles me.  I care for him, and he gives me popsicles.”  Mack- No comment.


Ruby- “I love you, too. And when he goes to work he says, ‘I’ll be back later.'”  Molly- “baseball”  Mack- “doo-tooo-doooo-tooooo?”


Ruby-“a hug”   Molly- “an apple”   Mack-“Daddy!”



I also must say that we do wish we could be with each of our dads on this Father’s Day.  My dad is very special to me, and I love him a lot.  He was always a hard worker, and we never went without.  I am glad that my kids get to be a part of his life.  They love him so much, too!

And Irv is so good to his kids!  Jason and Josh are very blessed to have him in their lives.  Josh only has wonderful things to say about his dad from his growing-up memories.  They truly are friends as well as father-son.  And our kids also love him a ton.  Both Gran and Sweetie have to endure “WHERE’S PAWPAW???”  the whole time we talk to them on the phone.  

How blessed we are to have our Dad’s with us.  Happy Father’s Day!  We love you both.

Now, let me get back to doing nothing.  It is so nice and Monday will be here very soon!

The floors!

OK, this may sound crazy, but my most favorite part of the new house is THE FLOORS.   I love them.  And that is good since I am sure we will be together a lot….all the sweeping, mopping and cleaning up of spills, etc.  





Summer Time

Last night I encouraged Josh to get out and go eat with some guy friends as part of the Father’s Day weekend.  He went to OUTBACK and then went bowling.  I stayed here with the kids and some friend’s kids and Mrs. Mary.  It was a fun time.  The kids played so well together out in the back yard.  When I glanced out at all of them eating and laughing together, I couldn’t help but smile.  I took a picture in my mind, and I pulled out my real camera, too!