Summer Stuff

I painted Molly’s bed and side table. Wish I had a before photo, but I don’t. The side table was black and the bed was dark brown. We’ve ordered a Tye-dyed comforter that Molly picked out for her bed. It was not my first or second or one hundred second choice, BUT she only has a handful of years in my house, so I let her choose. I’ll make it into an aesthetically pleasing guest room one day!
Ruby and Molly had friends over to tye-dye and bake together. And tic-tok, of course. This summer is definitely different and a bit slower paced, but we are making the best of it.
Mack walks around with AirPods in his ear. He sleeps really late these days…he could be growing again! Or maybe his body has to work harder than usual to carry around all that hair he insists on having. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t usually wake sleeping children, no matter their age.

Overall, the summer is going well. We had crawl space work done. We had to get a new upstairs A/C unit. The kids have gotten lots of rest. We’ve had lots of deep discussions about current events. There are peaceful protests and violent riots around the country. Race relations, as a whole, are in bad shape.

The Covid-19 numbers are rising in North Carolina, so Governor Cooper decided to mandate mask wearing in all public places where you cannot keep six feet distance. We will see if it helps the numbers. I’m so over all of it but you can’t just ignore it all—it’s something to consider no matter what you’re doing! I’m hoping the increase will actually help herd immunity to happen and maybe fall won’t be so bad. But I have to admit, as I am beginning to read through the book of Exodus, I can’t help but relate a bit better to the people of those days. Everyday the headlines get grimmer and grimmer. July has been told to come in, sit down and mind its own business, yet somehow I don’t think that’s going to be the case. We shall see.

Father’s Day 2020

Josh is our hero. I am amazed at how much he does, how hard he works and how much time he devotes to us. He’s so easy to honor and celebrate!

Each of these kiddos get frequent reminders from me about how blessed they are to have a dad like Josh! So grateful for his godly influence in each of our lives. He isn’t on any social media and has no intentions of getting on any of it. It’s a colossal waste of time, in his opinion. And he ain’t wrong. He’s very comfortable in his own skin and boldly shares and lives his convictions. He’s a critical thinker and wise beyond his years. He leads us well. We love Joshua Lee!❤️

With Ruby😍

Hope you know how much we adore you, Josh!

where is “normal”?

What I wouldn’t give for a normal day. For a day of waking up early, getting everyone off to school, working out, grocery shopping or Bible Study group, washing clothes, dinner prep, picking kids up, fussing at them to get their homework done and then going to bed to do it all over again. Just a normal day. I miss it so bad.

This year has been so disappointing and full of upsets. Not to mention we are doing remodeling and crawl space work and having to get a new AC unit installed upstairs. We have challenges in other areas of life that I won’t mention here. And then there are racial tensions such as I have never experienced in my 43 years of life. And while I acknowledge there are so many issues that need addressing around all of it, I don’t feel safe sharing thoughts or opinions on the world wide web…have you read some of the comments out there and the ‘out for blood’ actions and words that are spewed?? It’s not a fun place, this internet. I am amazed at how many people have the issues solved and are ready to tell me what I need to be doing about it.

So, I post here to just say that I miss my normal days. I miss mask-less days. I miss hugs and smiles and eye contact. I miss moving around and going places with ease. I miss the kids at school and all that it entails. I miss my normal. Not sure it will come back, so I just wanted to say I miss it.IMG_1785

Leesburg, GA visit

We so enjoyed our visit to Georgia to see PawPaw and spend his birthday with him. He cooked for us the entire time—not sure that’s a great way to spend your birthday, but he did it joyfully! I didn’t take many photos because sometimes it is so nice to unplug from this screen. And I also needed my hands free to swat the gnats out of my face. For real. Kudos to those who live south of the Gnat Line. I think that’s why Josh is so mentally tough—he withstood gnats the first half of his life.

PawPaw willingly stood as a target for water balloon launching.

The pool was nice and refreshing! I’m so glad we were able to get down there. ❤️

Lake Day

Y’all. We had to go have some fun. Every day and night, with every snippet of news, with every list of “what you need to be doing to make things better,” a seemingly not-so-real pandemic, protests and riots, virtue signaling that makes me want to vomit, and even people that really want to defund the police, I lose hope for human decency. So I’ve decided to back off the wasteful social media that seems to be filled with lots of bossy people making lots of noise and trying to make lots of money. I’ve changed my blog to private. So if you can read this, I think you’d have to be approved. I hope so anyway.

We had a great time at the lake today!

Thankful for the fresh air, warm sun and beautiful weather. Thankful for time with friends and family. Thankful for time away from the normal routine and news.

Wedding Talk

Molly asked Josh, “Who do you think of us three will have the most expensive wedding?”

Josh quickly replies, “I hope Mack’s is!!”