iphone photo dump…oh, the randomness…

Well, since we are stuck at home recuperating from the lovely stomach virus that seems to be making its way into many a home, I figured I would clean photos off my phone.  I realize I might wanna dust off my Nikon and get to taking some better quality pictures.  The photos are ok, but some of them transferred not-so-greatly.  Anyway, if you are up for randomness, here we go….

Ruby and Molly played soccer this past spring.  I am not sure I entered any blog posts about it, but here is a picture of them with their cute little coach.

A sweet note Molly wrote to my parents before our visit in May

A picture at the park:  Ruby (7), Molly (6), Mack (5)

A picture from 2002 I found at my mom and dad’s house.  This is before a house, before kids…we were foot-loose and fancy-free and didn’t even know it!

Crazy Kid

Crazy kid

and another crazy kid….a hoodie in June…??

We enjoyed a night out to eat and Madagascar 3!

We’ve enjoyed pool time this summer.  All three kids are like fish, so that makes it super easy for me!

Mack is a funny boy.  He totally thinks he is a cowboy.  He wants to wear jeans everyday, no matter the temperature because “cowboys wear jeans even if it’s hot outside!”

We got our house painted…much needed since we have had this house for nine years!

Got some new curtains up in the living room…this pic is for you, Mary!  🙂

Been leading a summer Bible Study by Beth Moore on James.  It is fabulous!

One day Mack and his stubborn, jean-wearing self wouldn’t put on his bathing suit when we were going to the pool.  He wished he had listened to me once he got there.

This is part of Josh’s Father’s Day gift that the kids and I made for him.  He refers to Psalm 128 often, so I thought since it deals with children and leading a family that I would have us incorporate it into a gift for him.  The little empty circles are for small pictures of each kids face.  The neat thing is that he went to the Southern Baptist Convention on Father’s Day and heard Tony Evans preach from Psalm 128, the same sermon he had heard many years ago that made him love that passage!  So neat!

Alrighty, that’s the photo dump and randomness….it’s about too much for me to take….at least I am sort of caught up.  Hope you are enjoying your summer.  We most definitely are!