January Hum-Drum Randomness

January is slowly moving on.  Today is Jesse, my brother-in-law’s birthday…”Happy Birthday, Uncle Jesse!!,” holler the kids.  He is a nice Uncle Jesse.  I hope he has a great day!

I have a funny story, but I don’t have any pictures to go along with it.  You’ll understand after you read it.

Ruby was getting ready to go to a Birthday Tea for her friend.  We were getting the gift all wrapped up, but Ruby wanted me to read her the book we were giving to her friend.  I told her we didn’t really have time for that, so I read it at a very fast rate.  Basically, Fancy Nancy ends up in pajamas just like two other girls in the book and the girls in the story are so happy to be dressed alike and call themselves triplets.  Cute, cute.  WELL, I tell the kids to run off and wait for me in my bathroom because they needed a shower.  Two seconds later they all return, all completely naked and all saying, “We are TRIPLETS.  Look at us, WE ARE TRIPLETS.”   Oh my goodness.

Another story.  Mack was mad as could be after lunch today because Josh wiped his hands off, but Mack didn’t think they were dirty.  Josh said, “Oooh, Kristy, look at that face on Mack.”  He turned around and showed me his scowl.  I just smiled and said, “Mack, you are so sweet.”  He got a little more angry and said, “NO, I not sweet.  Look at my face.  I mad.”

On a positive note, Molly came out of class today and told us every single detail of the Bible Story she learned today.  I was so proud of her!  She had to be listening intently to tell the story to us the way she did.

We had shown the kids some pictures from the Haiti earthquake this morning.  They were giving money towards the relief efforts in church, so we wanted them to see why they were giving.  They asked some questions about the pictures–especially any pictures of little kids.  They were definitely moved by what they saw. We then went right to the car to head to church.  Ruby said, “I think after everyone gets buckled we should pray about the earthquake.”  She prayed for those who live in Haiti and asked God to help them.  I feel so helpless and so sad looking at the pictures of the devastation.  But Ruby was exactly right on what we should do–Pray.  Prayer is powerful and effective.  It isn’t all we can do, it’s the best thing we can do!

Ruby also grabbed Mack’s arm after he hit her with his Sunday School craft and told him, “If you hit me with that paper again I’m gonna spit in your face.”

So, obviously, she has a ways to go on her spiritual journey.

And so do I.

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  1. Don’t be too hard on Ruby…a girl’s gotta do do what a girl’s gotta do…and Mack isn’t getting any smaller!

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