HAPPY Valentine’s Day!

Today the kids didn’t have to do science or their math facts– a little valentines treat from their teacher. Their teacher also took them to Chick-fil-a for lunch and let them get milkshakes AND had some surprises for them when they woke up.


Mack got football cards, of course.  He got the girls a stuffed animal and wrote them a funny valentines card.  He is a little comedian.

“Dear Ruby, Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you like your gift. Now act like I’m saying something meaningful.”

“Dear Molly, Molly-Girl I bet you still have your hair like a unicorn. Now take this moment of silence….”

Molly puts her hair in a bun in the evenings and then after sleeping like that all night, the bun scoots to the front of her head and she looks like a unicorn. So he found a stuffed unicorn for her.  Cracks me up.

Rolo got a treat from the PetPeople store.  They were giving away a pound of dog biscuits with every purchase today.


She gets a haircut on Friday. This is her first time at a groomer, and I am hoping she does well. I also hope we can see her eyes after Friday! She is a funny dog.

Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day! We sure are!


Edited to add: Molly did NOT get out of the car. She was just along for the ride and the milkshake! haha!


I am trying to post once a week on this-here blog, so before this first week in February comes to a close, let me take some time to post some photos and keep things updated.

First of all, the dog.  Rolo is a sweet dog. I have had to move my quiet times to my room where I can be alone and undistracted because, well, the dog loves me and wants to be with me if I am around.


Even while I cook she tries to find a place to snuggle. I don’t think she knows that I am still not a dog-person. Or maybe she views me as her project.


All three kids got the flu in January. Wow.  What a week.

There was just a whole bunch of nothing going on by these three kiddos. Just resting, drinking water, watching tv and more resting.  Longest week ever.

We all got trained a couple times a week for our homeschool P.E. during January. It was rough, so I thought I would continue on and do three times a week.  It sounded good at the moment, but after Friday—I am not so sure.  It is hard. That is all.

And last, Mack is still loving football. He has spent quite a bit of money on football cards. And he stuffed his jersey with clothes and begged us to sign him up for tackle football, so I am looking into local leagues.  He is a persistent dude.

This evening we are headed to his basketball game, so I best jump off this blog and get myself ready.  The dog, the flu, training and football.  What a random post!