It dropped!

The pound cake fell beautifully out of the bunt pan.  (I thought you spelled bunt, “bundt.”  Did anyone else think that?  Why did I think that?)  Anyway, last night when Josh came home and the timer rang on the oven, we pulled out the cake, Josh flipped it over and it fell!  I was nervous.

I took it to Sunday School today, and I told lots of people I made it because I was that excited about it. I temporarily forgot all the benefits of a humble heart.

Pioneer Woman’s recipe is called “The Perfect Pound Cake,” in case you want the recipe.  Josh says Deidre has a lemon icing that would be great with it.  She said she’d share her recipe if I gave her this one.  So I did.  🙂

It is a rainy, cold day here in GA!  Again.  When I looked back at some January blogs from last year I see that I was a little stir-crazy from all of us being in the house a lot then, too.  Can’t wait for warmer days.  I’ll start singing, “Here comes the sun, ladoolada, Here comes the sun…..,” and go grab my bikini!

BBWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Haven’t worn a bikini in about 9 years…..the thought is funny, very funny.

OK, my time on here is done.  Too delirious.

10 thoughts on “It dropped!

  1. okay…i wanna know how you stay so fit with all these tasty treats around!?!? i don’t know how you do it??? please do tell….

    everything you cook/bake looks delicious! i just wish i could scratch and sniff the screen! haha!! 🙂

  2. Just F, Y and I: It is bundt – when you’re talking about that particular type of baking pan. It is only “bunt” when you’re talking baseball. Just to clear it up.

  3. I too thought it was bundt cake! Are you sure it isn’t? I noticed that the recipe called for lemon flavoring. Was that good in it? I am not found of flavorings in my pound cakes except vanilla. Was it pretty and did it taste good?

  4. The cake was delicious without icing! However, I am now obligated to reveal my secret since I have in my possession this great recipe and Josh’s mac and cheese recipe, the lemon icing is just lemon juice mixed with powdered sugar until you get the consistency you want. It is really more like a glaze. I put it on while the cake is hot. I make mine not too thick but not too thin either and use a pastry brush to coat all sides.
    Now what do I have to give up to get that Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe???

  5. The cake was very good, and I liked the lemon flavoring…it was fairly strong though.

    And it is bundt! But that silly, red, squiggly line underneath bothers me and makes me question my spelling! 🙂

    Deidre, I have no idea about the soup. I will ask Josh to give it to me. 🙂

  6. Ok y’all! Let me in on these fabulous recipes. Cake. Soup. Mac ‘n cheese. Share the love!

    BTW – the red, squiggly line bothers me too.

  7. Ooooh, do you have the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook?? If you don’t—YOU MUST GET IT. I’ve devoured it, like a good novel. I’ve never loved a cookbook quite so much. The pictures, stories, and of course the recipes. It’s must for everyone…even those who don’t even like cooking. 🙂

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