The sun came out today.  It was beautiful.  The kids loved it!

I have to go prepare dinner, but there are  more cute pictures from the day!  We were very productive this morning with some school work.  We found a rock outside for Ruby’s little project.  Then, the kids just stayed outside for a long time.  We even ate lunch outside this afternoon.  Mack had to be an “old man” that Ruby yelled at for $55 to go to Chuck E. Cheese during the first part of their time outside.  Then, he was a little brother named “Franklin” that kept running away.  She would chase him down and drag  him to his Mama, who was Molly.  It was an interesting afternoon.  I even have a pic of Ruby with her imaginary dog that got a bit out of control.  Maybe I can post them later.  For now, hungry people are waiting on me.

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