Cannot Quite Keep Up Here

So much has happened since my last blog post, and I really do want to sit and record some things from around here.  I write posts in my head, but they don’t seem to transfer to the computer.  That stinks cuz I’m pretty sure I don’t remember my mental posts.

Instead, let me just jump right in here.  Mack might be the focus of this little post, seeing how he has “graduated” from Kindergarten (aka He finished the curriculum for a 5 year old).  Here is the picture from many months ago when we started school last July:


Mack still doesn’t quite understand today, yesterday or tomorrow…or tonight vs. today….it gets pretty funny to try and explain this to him.  “We’re going to eat tonight.”  Mack says, “Right NOW??”   “No, Mack, tonight.  Later today.”  He then says, “For breakfast?!”  “No, Mack, this evening.  When it gets darker.”  “Today?!”   “Tonight, Mack.”  “Do we sleep first?”  UGH.

And here are all three of the little students now that the school year 2012/2013 school year:

photo copy 28

And this one on one of the last days of school:

photo copy 54

Mack had a good Kindergarten year.  He seemed to learn a lot and have fun–most of the time.  We went to Augusta and celebrated a little with Vance and Kaybeth, who also graduated from Kindergarten.

photo copy 4

Mack, as a 6 year old, is a lot of fun.  He learns more and more how to push his sisters’ buttons.  He is also still baby-like at times it most benefits him.  It cracks me up.  He is very particular about what he wears.  And he almost always wants to wear items of clothing I would much prefer he NOT wear.  Case in point: ripped up jeans….

photo copy 53He asks me DAILY where these jeans are.  Some days they are dirty and just waiting to be washed.  In those cases, he digs them out and wears them.  Other days they are wet in the washing machine.  He pouts and whines and says he can’t go anywhere til he gets his jeans.

When I think about Mack at this age I also think about how he LOVES playing with Lego men, superhero figurines and small horses.  He wakes up and immediately finds toys he keeps up with for that whole day.  We even opted for some Lego men to play Candy Land with one day.  His idea, of course.

photo copy 56

He often joins me in the early morning hours and tells me he will be really quiet and just play while I read my Bible.  His definition of quiet is quite different from mine.  But he is so cute that I let him stay.

photo copy 50

I love this picture he drew of us:

photo copy 55

And this is a framed set of pictures of all of us at about 5 years of age…Kindergarteners are so sweet!

photo copy 2

So, to Mack, my little Kindergarten “graduate,” I would say:  You are an absolute joy to have in our family!  I love how you wake up full of energy and ready to talk.  I hope you will always want to talk with me!!  I love how you sleep in the bed with Ruby so that you can be in the room with your sisters…talking and giggling and just wanting to be with them.  I’m not sure how much longer that will last, but I’m going to let y’all be together as long as you want to.  It cracks me up that you know exactly what Lego piece you are looking for and have such persistence in looking for it until you find it.  I love finding the little figurines in the most interesting of places around the house.  One of my favorite memories of you from your Kindergarten year is probably when you went into your piano practice and told your teacher, “Yeah, today is my last day of piano lessons”  when it wasn’t.  You wanted it be, but it wasn’t.  So funny!  I enjoyed teaching you this year.  You do such a great job in math!  You try to trick me that you don’t understand and then you do all the problems without me.  I can tell you are on the verge of taking off with reading…looking forward to more days and more books with you.  You do a great job of being all boy while having to grow up with two sisters that often dominate during play time.  Molly likes playing family.  Ruby likes leading all of the outside games.  It’s usually only when Daddy comes home that you get to actually play the game you want to play.

You mom and dad love you so very much.  We cannot imagine our life without you, and we can’t wait to see how the Lord might use you.

Now, slow down with all this growing up business please.

photo copy 9