Prom 2022

What a beautiful day for Prom! Ruby went with a friend from school who is also in the Ignite band. Their group was large and fun!

Molly’s group was fun, too! Josh went to her photo session. And Mack. There was a little back and forth on who got mom at their pictures. They say Josh needs me to not be awkward with these kinds of things. Probably because he cannot for the life of him understand their schedule. You get ready with friends. You meet everyone at a photo place with parents. And then you go to dinner and then there is usually an after party. He’s like, “What happened to the guy picking the girl up and snapping a photo in front of the fireplace and sending them off?” So he girls weren’t sure he’d know what to do. But he did just fine.

Can’t help but sing the Sesame Street song—anyone remember “One of these kids is doing her own thing?🤣🤣🤣🤣

They both had a fun, fun evening! Thankful for sweet friends and respectable dates! I’m equally thankful it’s behind us. These things wear me out for some reason. 👵🏼

Happy Easter 2022!

I’ve been a little teary the past day or two. There’s just something about holidays that make my heart extra sensitive to missing my Mama. I cried while I peeled potatoes and made her potato salad. I fought back tears when I thought about all the Easters she made sure we had pretty white hats, new dresses and ruffle socks with shiny patent leather shoes. And a new purse, of course. And she got us to church. That’s was a big deal in more ways than one.

But it’s hard to stay sad about missing her on Easter where we celebrate a Savior who conquered death. He did not leave us hopeless. He is our living Hope. My Mama may not have been able to find hope in her last days, but He was there with her. He never leaves us or forsakes us. He’s coming back for us. And I cannot wait. Praise His powerful name!

In our little family of five, we celebrated today our risen Savior. We know He walks with us. We know He helps us in all the challenges we face—and we are facing them in our family. To do lists are long. Appointments on our calendar continue to be added. Change for most of us is on the horizon. Heavy burdens are carried and regularly rolled over to God—because He cares for us! Praise His powerful name!

Meme Rhodes with cousin Bentley and my sisters and me on Easter many moons ago
My Mama with the grandkids one Easter

Ocean Isle

It’s been a relaxing vacation, that’s for sure. My favorite time is the quiet morning as the sun rises and the birds chirp. Last week at home I read in Psalm 100:3
“Know that the LORD Himself is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.”

G. Campbell Morgan says an even better translation for the middle part is “It is He who has made us, and HIS WE ARE.” I love that. I spent some time writing this out and personalizing it for every person in my family. Each of us has lots going on. Big changes. Big challenges. Big frustrations. Big opportunities. Big decisions. I need God to speak. I need God to move. It is tempting to wonder if He will be as clear as I need Him to be. Or if I will be too distracted and worried to hear His voice. I want the best for my kids. I needed the reminder that God made each one of them specifically, personally and with great purpose. His they are!

So this week as I’ve prayed for them, spent extra time with them and watched them, I’ve said in my heart…..

YOU have made Mack, Lord. And YOURS Mack is.
YOU have made Molly, Lord. And YOURS Molly is.
You have made Ruby, Lord. And YOURS Ruby is.
You have made Josh, Lord. YOURS Josh is.

The Lord placed me as wife and mom of this crew. It will be overwhelming, and I will flounder without the anchor of the truth that The Lord has made me and His I am. And with Him, I will be able to fulfill all the purposes and plans He has made me for—and the same goes for each of these faces I love. I can trust Him fully and completely for guidance and direction and wisdom from above. He is good and faithful. Amen.