Full few days!

This past Friday we went to RedTop Mountain to let the kids ride bikes while Josh and I walked. We were trying out a new trail, and let’s just say it didn’t go well. After about thirty minutes, we went back to the regular trail we were all used to. All in all we walked well over an hour and a half. We were all tired and enjoyed a quick dinner and calm night.
Saturday was fun and full, as was Sunday. We celebrated a sweet couple in our class that is about to welcome their first baby into the world!


Matt and Lydia….sweet, godly couple.

Today we have done school and laundry, which is what I do most of my life. 😁 It’s been a good day.


These are all the books we are supposed to be reading!

These are the flash cards Mack is supposed to be learning!

Here’s what they’d rather be doing:


We’ve done work and play today…about to hunker down inside and pray that these storms heading our way won’t be bad!!!

Had to break out….

In order for everyone to keep breathing today, I made the decision to leave the house this afternoon. 😁 Let’s just say we’ve had quite a bit of togetherness. Some people are feeling smothered. So out we went….after we did our school work and had a snack, that is.


We went to Wills Park for a long walk and some play time.






We stopped by The Home School Hangout to buy some books for next year. We found Dutch Blitz, a card game the kids have grown to love.

And now we’re home watching Brady Bunch episodes, making muffins and waiting for sewing class. Hopefully our little outing will help us go from foe…


…and back to friends!


It’s Rice and Beans Night!


We try to have rice and beans once a week around here. Not only does it make meal planning simple, it’s a great reminder to pray for those around the world in poverty….who would love to have beans and rice. It also helps us as we pray for our sponsor child with New Missions. He is able to eat rice and beans often because of the work God is doing in Haiti through New Missions. We’re grateful to be a tiny part financially, and we are even more grateful to be able to pray for him, his family and all the workers with New Missions.
So, what’s for dinner at your house? How do you try and help your family be thankful for all you have while being mindful of those who don’t have….and then work towards being a part of the solution?


What to name your first kid?

Josh was driving the kids down the road today when Molly decided to tell them that when she has a baby, she is going to name her “Treasure.”

Josh asked her what she would do if her husband didn’t like that name….she said she’d tell him, “Too bad.”
Mack piped up and said he would name his first kid “Mack.” Josh asked him what he would do if his wife didn’t like that…he said, “I would just tell her that life is full of disappointments. Get over it.”
Because he knows all about life being full of disappointments….yeah, right.


Easter Weekend

As I’m typing this, we are driving up I-75. The sun is shining brightly for the first time since Friday. Our weekend in south GA was wet and cold for Easter, but we still managed to have a great time. Thank you, PawPaw, for all the fun. Here are some pictures:







And here are the cousins we didn’t get to see this weekend…looking good before they went to church to celebrate Jesus:



Cup of Salvation

“Christ drank the cup of bitterness, sorrow, cursing. Having emptied it, He filled it with joy, sweetness, and blessing. When we take the cup, let us never forget the cost at which He so filled it for us.” G. Campbell Morgan

PSALM 116:12-13 What shall I render to The Lord for all His benefits toward me? I shall lift up the cup of salvation and call upon the name of The Lord.

Moment of silence✏️


Let’s just say it’s no small thing that Mack just finished his last 1st grade test in Math!! I’ll order his 2nd grade book soon. Until then, we will do the happy dance for his accomplishment!