You gotta hear this…

Oh, what a wonderful birthday I had yesterday!  All of Josh’s kind words and all of your well-wishes just made me smile.  Thank you, thank you!

I enjoyed time alone in the morning at Starbucks.  Josh stayed home with Mack (sort of) and Molly while I went to Ruby’s school Easter Party, which was so fun.  Then, Josh stayed home while I went to The Melting Pot with two fabulous friends.  We even got to roam THE CONTAINER STORE, and I just can’t tell you how that refreshes the core of who I am.

HOWEVER, YOU MUST HEAR THIS…. Nothing that I did yesterday compared to what Josh handled and the way he handled it.  Our washing machine quit on us Monday afternoon.  Not a fun thought for a family of five.  Not a fun thought at all.  I told him I felt like I was having anxiety about all the dirty clothes piling up around here.  What is a mom to do?  Load up three kids and go to the Laundry Mat?  Oh, please don’t make me do it.  Well, Josh found a place that took all of our dirty clothes, sorted them, washed, dried and folded them and had them ready yesterday at 5:00.  AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love this man more because of this act of service.  I didn’t know I could love him more…..but, oh baby, I do.

So today I get to focus on cleaning, straightening, making up beds and enjoying this beautiful day instead of laundry!  Yipee.

I hope to post some pictures from our week and Mack’s birthday a little later today.  Time is flying by!

Happy Birthday!

Since today is a very special day around the Dorminy house, I thought I might risk taking unauthorized control of the blog in honor of my wife.  Please note that there have been other times during the life of this blog where I should have spoken up (i.e. while some of you were besmirching my character over the “gravy burger”…just remember that we “mock what we don’t understand”).

Proverbs 18:22 says “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord” and 19:14 tells us that “a prudent wife is from the Lord”.  Kristy has been a blessing from the Lord in my life and in the life of my children.  It brings me great joy that Ruby, Molly, and Mack have a godly mother who models for them a life of integrity on a daily basis.  Words like selfless, kind, diligent, humble, giving, and servant come to mind when I think of the service of my wife over the past 9 years of marriage. She is my greatest and closest friend and God has allowed my love for her to continually grow since we said “I do” on January 27, 2001.

It should be said that my wife is slightly older than I am (some of you are asking right now why is that something that “should be said”…I would ask you to mind your own business).  I will not take the time to recount for you the way my wife (who is slightly older) seduced me (who is slightly younger) during those early days of college.  I will just remind you of the words of that great song by Conway Twitty…”Older women make beautiful lovers” and say that I am glad she did!


Dear God, thank you for the blessing that my wife has been in many of our lives.  Thank you for the person she has become as she has walked with you in Your Word.  It is my prayer that You would bless the days that you give us to work together, side by side, in the field of life as we desire to raise godly children and make disciples of the nations.  Amen.


Until another appropriate time….God Bless


Still at it…

This week has been wonderful!  Very busy and fun and full of places to go and people to see.  The kids (all 6 of them) seem to have adjusted very well.  They play good together when they are all here at the same time, which hasn’t been all that much.  Our friends have had a much busier schedule than us and have been out of the house a lot.

Thursday night we had our Sunday School class over for a casual dinner to hear all that is going on with our friends and their work overseas.  There were a ton of kids here.  They all did fabulous!!!  The rain held off….Praise the Lord from Whom all blessings flow!  The kids played outside and ate outside, and they all seemed to have fun.

This is most of them sitting and eating under the covered porch area.

Here are all of the kids staying here, minus the 5 month old, another day at lunch time.

Oh, and I meant to update on Ruby’s tooth….

I had to watch her do this for about 8 hours.  Eeeewww.

And now she looks like this:

She looks so cute!  I want her other one to come on out so that she can be totally snaggle tooth.

On another note, tomorrow is Mack’s 3rd birthday.  I am entering the two months of my life where it sounds crazy when I answer the question, “How old are your kids?”…..”Three, Four, and Five–can you point me to the looney bin?”

So, with all the excitement around here, we didn’t plan a big party for Mack.  We don’t usually do big parties at this age anyway, so it’s all good.  We are, however, going to have lunch here at home as a family and enjoy pizza and cake and ice cream and watch Mack open some gifts.  I baked the pitiful cake tonight (pictures may be posted later), and I let Mack help me get the table ready for tomorrow’s lunch.  I can’t explain why he is so upset in these pictures.  It really makes no sense…except that he is turning 3 tomorrow.

“I am so mad that I am getting all these gifts tomorrow and that I have a chocolate cake waiting on me and that the table is decorated with Spider Man stuff.  Life stinks!”

I will update on how the party goes and let you see what’s wrapped up for Mack.  I hear three munchkins playing in their room.   Duty calls.

Here we go…

This week is sure to be a fun-filled, action-packed week, so I am pretty sure that this will be the post for the week.  We get to host some friends of ours who have moved to another country.  They’ve been there over a year; it will be so good to see all of them and to meet their new addition!

Here are a few pictures from around here for the grandparents:


We had fun seeing what items would sink or float.  Ruby doesn’t always get so dressed up for school, but today was a special day with the science experiment and all.


Houston, we have a problem.  When asked why in the world he would poop in the woods AGAIN, Mack said, “It is fun to poop in the woods.”


Ruby is about to lose two more teeth.  This is the picture I took of her this morning.  The teeth are soooo lose!!  Josh better get home quick because I don’t do so great with wiggly, bleeding teeth.  🙂

“Poor Ruby”

Today was a beautiful Friday.  I did some work around the house–you know, laundry, making beds, putting away toys, and so on and so forth.  Ruby was at school.  Molly and Mack played outside most of the morning.  Mary, Ben and Katherine made a stop by while some people looked at their house.  We ate lunch and let the kids play for a while.  Then, Molly got to go on a special play date with GiGi, whom she loves and adores.  The very first thing out of her mouth at 7:02am this morning was, “Is it time for me to go to GiGi’s?”  I’m not kidding.

Josh went to lunch in Cartersville with three other friends.  He ate two gravy burgers, fries, AND a fried apple pie with ice cream while he enjoyed fun conversation with his buddies.

Kid-free lunch?  Never heard of it.

However, this is a lunch I wouldn’t want to have been on…..look at this picture of what he ate:

I picked Ruby up after school with Mack.  I took them to eat Mexican, then took her to soccer practice.  Josh met us at practice.  A funny conversation happened at the restaurant.  I was telling Ruby about our day and all that had happened.  She was shocked that Katherine and Ben came over while she wasn’t here.  She said, “UH.  That is not right.  Daddy had to be at work all day.  I had to be at school, and y’all just had fun.”

Life is hard as a Kindergartener (who goes TWO days a week).  Poor Ruby.

Oh, the randomness

We have not been doing that much this week besides school and house work.  It’s enough to keep us busy, but it really isn’t all that exciting.  So here are some random pictures from around here.

We had a birthday party here on Sunday.  Katherine, Ruby’s friend, turned 6 years old.  The Koester family is moving to TN soon, so their house in on the market and being shown–that’s why we had her party here at our house.  It was fun.  Katherine was totally surprised.

Sunday afternoon after the party, Josh and Mack took a nap in our room.  Josh let Mack sleep on my new duvet cover without a pull up on, so we all know what happened.  I had to wash it.  I didn’t want to dry it, so we draped it over the kitchen table overnight.  The kids woke up Monday morning and enjoyed having a play house.

This is Molly shaking her booty, something she likes to do way too often:

And this is Mack in his big boy belt.  He has wanted a belt for some time now…and that’s all I’m saying about that.

So here’s to another school-filled, work-filled day.  I just hope no one poops in the woods today.

Tuesday recap

6:11am- wake up

6:17- Have a conversation with myself something like, “Get your tail up and out of this bed right now.  The day is gonna be crazy.”

6:18- pour coffee, add creamer and sugar, smile and walk to my chair

6:20- Write out a “spiritual lifeline” that was very enlightening, Read Psalm 16 (my favorite verses and main ones for marrying Josh), thankful for God’s faithfulness and provision over my entire life.  He is amazing!

6:48- take a shower, get dressed, put makeup on

7:11- make pancakes and scrambled eggs for kiddos

7:21- go wake up the girls

7:23- get the girls started on their breakfast

7:27-go blow dry my hair

7:33-go wake up Mack, get him dressed, sit him down to eat

7:40- tell Ruby and Molly to hurry up and eat so that they can get dressed

7:41:30-make Ruby’s lunch

7:48- load dishwasher

7:52- help Ruby with her skirt and belt and shoes while Molly gets dressed from head to toe with no help

8:00- fix the girls hair

8:15- put stuff back in the pantry, give Molly a snack for her backpack, tell everyone to put a little jacket on

8:20-Go outside, switch around car seats, get everyone buckled , clean out the back for the grocery store run

8:30- Pull out of the drive way…..whew.

Listen to “Creation Bible” CD two times.  Pray for Ruby and Molly and their day at school.

Ruby gets out first.

Drive to church.

Walk Molly to her classroom.

Walk back to car, head to the car wash.  Clean out the car and smile when it is neat and clean, wonder how long it will last.

Go to Wal-Mart.  So happy that they have new grocery carts for the kids.  So much better.

Get distracted with some things for the house, buy some groceries, listen to Mack ask 5, 345 times if he can get out and walk. OH, and there was a potty break for Mack when I was about halfway back in Wal-Mart.  Gotta love that.

Load up car, buckle Mack in the seat.

10:38-Go to Molly’s school, say hi to Mary and kids,  and pick Molly up.

Stop in a Vintage Flea Market on the way home.  See lots of cute things.  Get back in the car.

Drive home, unload groceries and put them away.

Fix kids lunch, me a protein shake.

Start peas in crock pot for dinner.

Wash a few dishes.

Send an email to SS class.

Forward a few emails to Josh.

Decide to go back and buy a few things.  🙂  The nice salesman was very helpful, but moved as slow as molasses…a mode I haven’t been in ever, and I am fairly laid back.  It was painful.

Unloaded new old things for the house.  Smiled because I really liked them!

Cleaned up a stool and spray painted it, all the while telling the kids that this is just not a project they can help me with.  There are tears and whining…of course.  Mack comes over, and as if he is reading my mind, says, “Daddy not mad at you, Mama.  He not mad.”

I go inside to clean my hands from spray paint.

Walk outside again to check on kids and see Mack with his pants down, poop coming out.  I guess he thinks he’s a bear.

I sit him back and let him crap poop in the woods while I wait for Molly, who is also slow as molasses, to bring me some tissue.  She comes back with about three sheets of tissue.  I tell her that I need a ROLL of tissue, please.  “Oh, ok.”  All the while Mack is touching his toes and asking if he can see his poo-poo.  YUCK!!!!

Clean him up, take him inside because dry tissue is just not cutting it.  The entire time he is saying, “I sorry, Mama.  I sorry.  Can I see my poo poo?”

Kids sit and watch a movie while I do some laundry.

At this point it is 2:00pm, people.

An old pic

I was looking for a picture for Josh when I ran across this one:

and this one:

And I remember that I loved this hair do on Molly.  I want to have it chopped like this again.  Too bad she says she wants it to grow down to her ankles.  What’s a mother to do?  I would only do it if she wanted it short again…or else I would totally be that mom that tries to live through her children.  My hair would not  do this ever.  Too many crazy curls to tame.  OH well.

I just remembered this story from this morning.  Ruby and I were casually talking about the difference between “to,” “too,” and “two.”  A hard thing to get for a 5 year old!  But she asked.  Anyway, somewhere in all this talk we mentioned apostrophes.  She said something to me and called an apostrophe “a copper sheet.”  That word gives us trouble.  Last time she tried to say it while spelling “Rita’s” she called it “a puffers eeee.”

Quick Story

This morning Mack awoke COMPLETELY SOAKED from tee-tee.  This has happened for weeks and weeks and weeks.  The issue is that he puts his hand down his pants…I know, too much information…anyway, I know he will outgrow this.  At least I really, really hope so!!!  We make him go to the bathroom right before bed.  He wears a pull-up at night, but still–he wakes up wet.

This morning I said, “Oh, Mack.  Good Night!  What are we gonna do about this?”  I then began thinking about not giving him any drink after 5:30, and I said out loud, “I am just gonna have to cut you off.”  MEANING, I would cut him off from drinking too late.  He thought I meant cut him off, literally.  He looked at me perplexed and said, “I don’t want you to cut me off, Mama.”

I cleared things up quickly, though maybe if I had made him think I was gonna cut him off he would stop putting his hand down there!!!!  UGH.