One of my favorite fall traditions

Every fall we make a trip up to north Georgia. It’s one of my very favorite traditions for our family!










The weather was gorgeous—sun shining and a slight breeze from time to time to cool us down. Mercier Orchards Store was quite crowded. We grabbed a few apple fritters for us and some apple bread and donuts to share with some sweet teachers our kids are blessed to have.

We started the morning at the football field where Mack played a great game with his team! They seem to actually be learning and improving! It’s fun to watch them. I still can’t figure out all the rules, but that’s ok. Maybe I’ll get it before the season is over.





And Molly continues to find her place among the toddlers.

So all in all we’ve had a fabulous Saturday as a family! We are glad to have Josh home, loved the football game, the apple picking and eating and are looking forward to a calm Saturday night and an exciting time in Sunday School in the morning. Hope you’re weekends a good one, too.

Molly’s first job!

Molly could not have been more excited for this day to arrive. She had a babysitting job! She made a sign to welcome him.

They have been playing so well. Rosser is definitely keeping everyone entertained!




So, if any of you moms need an hour or two alone, give Molly a call!

In Indonesia??

Molly and Mack slept until 9:15 this morning! Crazy, I know. Ruby and I enjoyed a quiet morning together. She got started on her math, and then I heard the little stinkers coming down the stairs. They ate some breakfast, came in the school room, and I told them to get going on their math. Molly tells me that she can’t.

Can’t? Why can’t you, Molly?

“I left my thinking cap in Indonesia.”

Oh, dear. It’s going to be a long day.



As promised, here are the girls!

Ruby is growing up so much! She still absolutely loves to read. It is an extremely rare day that she doesn’t consume quite a chunk of a book. She remains our most loyal child…do not mess with any of us,or else you’ll have the wrath of Ruby! Well into her 9th year of life, she continues to bring us much joy! She is a fabulous daughter. I’ve enjoyed so much all of our little chats…those sweet times when we are enjoying some down time and both end up in the living room, just talking about this and that. She is a sweetie.

And Molly. This is an appropriate picture…she stretches me beyond all I could imagine. In a good way. She isn’t much for just sitting and chatting or reading. She wants to know what she can do or if there is anything of mine she can have or if we can take a ride somewhere or what snack she can have or if she can cook dinner by herself with no one in the kitchen except her or if she can take her baby dolls on a walk or if she can ride her bike to the park or if there is a craft we can do together. Busy little bee, that Molly. She is the wanna-be-independent one, that is for absolute sure.

This morning we ate at Cracker Barrel (also known by Mack as “Crackle Bear”). And, once again, the difference between boys and girls made itself apparent.


Boys vs Girls

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to prove boys and girls are extreme different. I love experiencing both worlds. As most of you know, I am one of three girls. Josh has one older brother. Neither of us “got” each other quite like someone who comes from a mix of boy and girl siblings. To witness the stark differences day in and day out is fun! And eye-opening.

The girls at this very moment are at a sleepover with two older girls who are discipling them. It started as an hour get together; they said they needed more time, and then they called to see if the girls could stay until 8:00, and then the call came for them to please just stay the night. So very sweet! And if there is anyone I’m more than happy to have influence my girls, it’s the girls they are staying with tonight! It feels weird without them here, but Mack is keeping me busy! First of all, he has talked just about non-stop. I’ve had to “guess what” about 5,237 times.

I was putting up lights in the girls room and tying tulle around the lights. Mack decided he would be ninja man and blow need darts at me. He told me everything I was supposed to pretend to be doing or saying. Cracked me up. 20130917-221154.jpg

The room turned out beautiful despite the darts that were thrown at me. 20130917-221244.jpg
He got the ninja hood and gun at the Dollar Store. He told Josh all about it on the phone and sort of told on me with, “Yeah, Dad, I got my ninja stuff at a new Dollar Store!! It’s the one next to Hobby Lobby!!”
Great. Thanks for that, Mack.


We ate a good meal together and had cookies and milk for dessert.

He told me he was making ME out of the cookies, but he couldn’t finish because he didn’t have enough cookies to make my hair.

He watched Bonanza while I cleaned up the girls activity room.

And earlier in the day we went hunting for bugs.
Never a dull ( or quiet!) moment with Mack.

So when I get the girls back tomorrow I’ll actually take some pictures of them doing their own girly things—you know, reading and coloring and fixing their hair.
I love both worlds!

Moving Along

September is just moving right along. We are enjoying the beautiful weather and are looking forward to even cooler days.
We just started week 6 of our curriculum. Each kid seems to be doing well and learning…what more could we ask for? They also each are greatly enjoying their Sunday School classes. We are so blessed with some amazing teachers.
The girls are loving their Timothy classes. I mean, between Art, American Girl, Ukulele, Bible and a class where you do a craft and apply biblical principles, what’s not to love??

Mack and I are enjoying our time together also. He is a fun kid. He started Upward Flag Football. We are all learning a gracious plenty. 🙂

Lets see if I can share some pictures:

Getting ready for football practice





We went to a new Krispy Kreme last weekend. Everyone was happy!


The kids got sidetracked with cutting one afternoon.


And I’m working on the truth of this poster:


The day can sometimes take some unexpected turns, and I’d like to handle them with more grace. Home schooling is not for the faint of heart. And I would like my kids to like me when all is said and done. :/ the good news is that my prayer life is stronger every day. (And I realize I have no pics of Ruby! I’ll need to fix that. She usually hides in a book. )

Hope everyone’s September is also going well!

Catch up!

We have had a full couple of weeks in the Dorminy House. Four weeks of school are under our belt, which makes this mama very happy. Maybe sharing a few pictures will help me catch up on the blog.

I’m finding many pictures of Molly and her baby Drew on my camera. She continues to be a good mama and still wants to do some babysitting with me.

Molly celebrated her birthday in Sunday School class with her friends. The cookie cake was a big hit.

Mack started upward flag football. Molly found some toddlers to play with during practice.


I loved this quote. A good reminder for me.

Kids and I went to eat one afternoon while Josh was out of town.

This is our current read aloud. Reading to my kids is one of my absolute favorite things to do. It’s part of our curriculum, and I am glad I am “made” to do it because it seems like there is always something around the house I feel like I should be doing instead.

Josh and I went on a work trip to California. My favorite part was seeing SanFrancisco. It was beautiful over there.







And now we are back in Woodstock and at football practice on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. I love being home, and I love my family!