Photo Dump

This is about to be a ridiculous photo dump since I’ve not kept up on the blog! So much has gone on around here. Each kid has a full life! Josh stays busy with work and his current church responsibilities, which include searching for God’s choice for the next pastor for our church. I’m managing the schedules (or trying to) and going through some fun midlife changes that all women have to deal with. It’s not boring around here, that is for certain.

I’m still incredibly unsettled in this season. Kids don’t really need me that much, but enough that I don’t feel ready to add a job or go back to school. I’m just trusting that the motto “one step at a time” will get me into the next season eventually.

We spend a lot of time at the football field. I pick up CFA every Friday and deliver it to the team. I do my best to attend every Thursday chapel for Molly. And we miss Ruby but know she’s right where she needs to be! and Rolo is still my shadow.

We’ve enjoyed some one on one time with Molly and Mack. We loved having Aunt Pep and Uncle Jerry visit us. And Augusta family make a trip to see Mack play football in a town near them.

We had a great visit with Ruby in September. Football and food and just being together. Liberty is a great place. We are deeply grateful Ruby is there! We even got to go to church with here which was a welcome refreshment to our souls!!!!!

Then Ruby returned the visit over fall break.

Mack helped coach the Powder puff game, and he participated in class games during the Homecoming pep rally. He seems to be adjusting to his new school just fine!

This was the Homecoming game. Mack contributed to the “Play of the Week” from this play. Sure glad he was ready for that!!!!!

And Molly does a great job leading her peers in an exciting worship time. She’s playing keys this year in addition to some singing.

Homecoming Dance was at The Charlotte Motor Speedway. He had a blast!

And there you have a little update on the happenings around here 😊

Hello there

While it’s been so long that I feel the need to re-introduce myself, I will refrain because this is still my blog. If you come here, you know me. Hopefully you’ve just wondered where I’ve been.

Instead of boring you with the actual details of my quite mundane days, I will jump right in with something I was reminded of today on a walk while listening to Rita Springer’s podcast.

“Give what you wish you’d been given.”

Sometimes I can get caught in negative self talk. In years past when I felt discouraged and wondered where all the encouragers were, I would take out some stationary and start writing someone an encouraging note and pop it in the mailbox. It’s amazing how doing for others what you believe you need in your life can really set you free!

So today, I want you to think about this in your life—

Do you feel like no one ever encourages you? Go encourage someone.

Do you feel unseen? Go tell someone you see their hard work. Remind a mom her work is not in vain. Tell your husband you appreciate his hard work for your family.

Do you wish an older woman had some time for you or wisdom to share with you or made herself available to you? Go be the available older woman to a younger woman.

Do you wish someone would open their home to you? Go first! Open your home to someone!

Go give what you wish you had been given. God sees you and will bless you for pouring yourself out for others.

PROVERBS 11:25 “The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”