February {how I loathe you}

I suppose I should post something about this longest shortest month. Gah! I am sooooo ready for some sunshine and warm temps. These cold, dark, rainy, days are just not fun. We have had such randomness going on around here that I don’t have the chunk of time I would like to sit and write. I think about things I am learning in my Bible, funny stories from around our house, and other stuff we have going on, but I have yet to take the time to devote to putting words together to communicate any of it.

But I would like to one day!!

Instead, I looked through my phone and thought I should upload some photos to keep things somewhat up to date. It turns out I take a lot of photos of my dog.


We had a fun Valentine’s Day! We went to see a couple of widows from our church, and we really enjoyed getting to know them. I only snapped a photo of one of the ladies…I forgot at the second house. But Ms. Charlotte was so kind and so appreciative of having some folks to talk with.


Can you believe she is 94?! She was amazingly sharp and offered some sweet advice about marriage. She said, “Just love each other. My husband and I loved each other and did everything together.” I definitely love Josh, but we have not mastered that doing everything together part. Maybe that comes later in life. I don’t know….

She also told us that she loves talking to God, even out loud sometimes because He is always with her. I loved that. I have learned that truth in new ways since our move, but it was a reminder that it will always be true. God is always with me and listens to my prayers.

Mack sent Josh a text Valentine.


And we got the kids some Valentine treats.

Each kid got a framed verse, which I thought was a great gift. Mack, however, took his verse out and put in a drawing of a UGA player. I was like, “Mack! What happened to your verse??” He said it looked way too girly in his room, but that I could have it.  Well, thanks.


This past weekend our city hosted the NBA Allstar Weekend. Josh and I were Uptown Saturday night and enjoyed our beautiful city–and there weren’t any major crowds either! When I see the skyline and notice how pretty it is, I am reminded that God has developed a love for our new city in my heart. And I am thankful.