Liberty University Visit

Words just can’t describe how wonderfully full our weekend at Liberty was! We were more than ready to see our girls—gosh we miss them so much! We met for pizza and wings then checked into the Airbnb to catch up some before going to Mister Goodies for ice cream. Just us five, which I loved.

The next morning started slow, and I was able to wash a load of clothes for each of my girls. They were grateful for that! Ruby stayed the night with us, so we had a little bit of time alone. She’s growing and maturing and is just a lovely young lady that I enjoy talking with.

We met Molly and her gang at the ROT, which is the cafeteria. We all sat together and Molly went around led the table telling about each person. Lots of funny stories came out during this time too.

Then we went bowling! And then got smoothie bowls and then had a little break before hibachi dinner and more ice cream at Rookies!

These girls were sooooo sweet. I absolutely loved meeting each one of them and hearing where they’re from, what their major is, and more funny stories. They are just awesome young ladies!

We enjoyed church Sunday morning with many of the same friends. It was such an encouraging morning! From the music to the sermon and being surrounded on my row with my family and the girls’ friends…my heart was full! But we had to leave them and that is always a little hard to do. But I’m so happy they’re at Liberty and thriving!

I’m extra grateful for this man. He is so generous and loving. To me and to our kids. And to their friends. He has a heart of gold and is wise beyond his years. I love every minute I get with him—even if we both were beyond exhausted and felt every bit of 46 years old. These kids we hung out with were the same age we were when we met. 💗 so thankful God brought our paths together. He is just the best.