It dropped!

The pound cake fell beautifully out of the bunt pan.  (I thought you spelled bunt, “bundt.”  Did anyone else think that?  Why did I think that?)  Anyway, last night when Josh came home and the timer rang on the oven, we pulled out the cake, Josh flipped it over and it fell!  I was nervous.

I took it to Sunday School today, and I told lots of people I made it because I was that excited about it. I temporarily forgot all the benefits of a humble heart.

Pioneer Woman’s recipe is called “The Perfect Pound Cake,” in case you want the recipe.  Josh says Deidre has a lemon icing that would be great with it.  She said she’d share her recipe if I gave her this one.  So I did.  🙂

It is a rainy, cold day here in GA!  Again.  When I looked back at some January blogs from last year I see that I was a little stir-crazy from all of us being in the house a lot then, too.  Can’t wait for warmer days.  I’ll start singing, “Here comes the sun, ladoolada, Here comes the sun…..,” and go grab my bikini!

BBWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Haven’t worn a bikini in about 9 years…..the thought is funny, very funny.

OK, my time on here is done.  Too delirious.