More from Mack (and Jack)

I don’t know where this boy gets these things.  He says so many funny things.  Tonight on the way home from church he said he really had to go to the potty.  Josh had already said that he could wait until we got home.  Mack said, “I potty when we get home.  That’s the deal.”

This afternoon when he was resisting a poo-poo, I got firm with him and said, “Mack.  You get on that potty and stay there until you poop.”  He walked away, towards the potty and said to himself, “Bad Attitude.”  When questioned on whom he was referring to, he said,”Mack have bad attitude.”  I think he was just saving himself some trouble.

Ruby was keeping the details of her pet rock from Josh.  She wanted to surprise him and show him how she had decorated it for her school assignment.  Ruby and Josh went back and forth several times, all the while Ruby was set on NOT giving Josh any details.  Mack blurts out, “It’s purple.”  Ruby gets very upset.  Mack doesn’t understand why she is upset, of course, and he keeps telling things about her rock.  I told him to be quiet and stop talking about the rock.  He says to me, “I am not finished talking to Daddy.  I have to keep telling Daddy some-fin.”

He also pretended to ride a horse in the back seat like “Tallers.”  That is “Charles” from Little House on the Prairie.  He was telling the horse, “Yah!,” but the horse wouldn’t go.  He told Molly that she looked like that girl, “Laurel” when I braided a couple parts of her hair.  He meant “Laura.”

Switching gears, can I just say that Molly is a sweet little thing?  She is!  She has been a joy to be around lately.  She entertains Mack while Ruby and I do school.  She is so patient and kind and giving with him.  She cleaned up her closet all by herself.  She says to Ruby off and on, “I cleaned up the closet with nobody helping.”  Her face is usually very serious, and she shakes her head up and down very gently and blinks her eyes slowly.  She is proud of herself.  She also has done great in her Art and Music classes, as well as Sunday School and Cubbies.  Her verse this week was, “we ought to love one another.”  She told Josh, “Not we GOT to love one another, but we OUGHT to love one another.”  She thought ‘ought’ was a funny word.

She goes Friday morning to have some testing done for entering Kindergarten in the Fall.  She is so excited.  We’ve been practicing by role playing.  She tends to freeze up and go mute when she is uncomfortable or doesn’t know the person she is with.  I gently remind her that if she doesn’t talk and answer questions, then they will think she can’t speak and little kids in Kindergarten have to speak.  She role plays very well.  I really do pray that she will answer their questions and not just stare at them with her lips pursed.

Ok. I better go.  Josh is watching “24.”  He rented a season.  I can’t watch that show.  It is sooooooo intense.  He probably doesn’t like watching it with me in the room anyway. I say, “Oh, yeah.  Like that could happen” or “That is so impossible.  I can’t believe you watch this.”  It’s my way of coping with the intensity.  He also puts it on at 9:00pm in our bedroom.  I have crazy dreams after that show!!

My friend, Mary, is coming over tomorrow.  I hope to post some pictures of our crafty time together!

Until then, let me go see how Jack Bauer is saving the world.

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