9 years

Today Josh and I have been married 9 years.  I love being married to him.  He is such a great husband, Daddy, and my very best friend.  We have a lunch date today…thanks to Mrs. Mary!  And Friday night we plan to do something out and away from the kids.  I recapped the whole dating, engagement, marriage stuff last January 27th.  Feel free to click on that link if you are dying to hear all about it.  🙂

Last night we were all just hanging out in the living room for a little while.  Ruby, Molly and Mack were pretending and using their imagination in some hilarious ways.  At one point Ruby was mad at me because, “You won’t play the game.  If you don’t play the game, then there is nothing to play.”  The game, you see, was one where I was supposed to be her “worker-elf” that did whatever work she needed done.  I told her I do that every day and it doesn’t feel very much like a game at all…..

Ruby drew a super-hero for her yearbook.  I took a picture of it (though I cannot post it due to a chewed up Nikon cord) because what is supposed to be wings actually looks like a bust…and a large bust at that.  She was also supposed to tell the “strength” that her super hero has.  She said her super hero could fly.  I seriously doubt that girl could get off the ground with that chest.  I guess that is what would make it a super hero???  I don’t know.

Potty training update:  Mack is tee-teeing quite regularly, all in an effort to “get a candy.”  He is starting to hold the poops.  That causes issues.

Molly update:  She continues to be a sweet, sweet helper.  She organized her pajama drawer last night!  Took all of them out, folded them and put them back.  Wow.

Ruby  has been having “Cowboy/Cowgirl” week at school.  I have pictures of that, but no cord!

Random enough for you?

Gotta go.