Sanity check

I think it is way too late for a sanity check, but I will go on with this post anyway.

This morning on the way to church I had a little realization.  “Josh,” I said,”do you realize that Mack is a couple months short of being three years old, which is also the same age Ruby (our oldest) was when we brought home Mack as a newborn (our third)?”

The thought is mind-boggling as I look at Mack right now.  He is just now potty-trained (PTL!)  He talks pretty well.  BUT HE IS STILL YOUNG!!!!  AND STILL CAN BE QUITE NEEDY.  So, how we survived all three kids in such a short time, only the Lord knows.  He has been so good to us.

This is when Mack was about three months old or so.  Ruby was three and Molly was two.  I think Ruby is in a pull-up.

Baby Mack and Ruby!

He looks a bit afraid of being in the middle of these two girls, and he probably should have been.  However, he now holds his own.  He even weighs about the same as Molly now.  The girls better watch out.