Another funny thing from Mack

(Read my last post…there are pictures from the weekend with Aunt Marcy and family.)

I had to post this before I forgot.

Last night Mack was trying to put off getting in the bed, so he told Josh he needed to brush his teeth.  Josh was tired and it was way late, so he told Mack no and that he could brush his teeth tomorrow.

Mack said in his most whiney of voices, “But, Daddy, I have to brush my teeth or else they will get tangled.”

The things that boy comes up with…..

Better late than never….

My sister, Marcy, and her family came to stay a couple of nights with us last weekend.  We had fun watching Molly open up gifts from her Augusta family and letting the kids play together.  It was a fun, quick weekend, and I am so glad that they came.  It is crazy how opposite their children are.  I think the pictures speak for themselves:

He couldn’t have been any neater while finger painting.  And, well, she couldn’t have been any messier….

Here are a few more shots from the weekend.  Sweetie and PawPaw drove over for the day and surprised us all with a visit from them!  It was fun.

Mack oversaw Molly opening her gifts. (He wanted to be sure that yummy candy didn’t get past him…thanks, Aunt Cacy!)

This is always a good gift to give Molly!

The Fancy Nancy pajamas were a big hit, too!  Can you get any more girly??? (Please note that a movie was on the tv and Ruby and Vance are champion movie-watchers.)

She loves anything to do with art.

On the morning Marcy and Jesse and Vance and Renn were leaving, Vance wore a Toy Story 3 shirt.  Mack told him, “Oh, I really like your shirt….I don’t have one.”  He just thought his shirt was the neatest thing.  (By the way, Marcy is the last person I would have ever thought would ever let her kids wear anything with characters on it!!!)  So, today I went to the mailbox and Mack had gotten a gift from Vance……….

….and he was soooo excited to have his very own Toy Story 3 shirt!  Thanks Aunt Marcy!

Have a great weekend.


Mack was finishing up a healthy snack of Ranch Doritos and mini marshmallows, when I came over to wipe his hands and mouth off from the mess he had made.  He sneezed really big, and I felt a chunk of food hit my foot.  He got a sad/mad look on his face and said, “I did not want to bless out my chip.”

He cracks me up.

I have more I could blog about, but first grade work and Kindergarten work and house work are KILLIN’ me!!!!!

Maybe later…..

Funny story

Here’s a quick funny story for your Saturday morning.  Ruby and Molly have been making up their beds for a couple of weeks now.  Molly does pretty good.  Ruby doesn’t do so great.  One day I went in and just had to do a little tweaking to help her bed out…I may or may not have totally re-made it up to meet my standards.  Anyway, I then walked into the closet to put away some of their clothes.  Ruby walked out of the closet a few minutes later from playing and said, “Hey, mom.  Did you see my bed?!  I am starting to get the hang of this.”

Evidently, the bed looked really good to her, too!  Hilarious.

All I could do was smile and say, “Yes, sweetie, you are getting the hang of it.”

Molly’s 5th birthday

Molly woke up bright and early on her 5th birthday.  That seems to be her pattern–birthday or not, first day of school or not.

We did our school work after opening presents and having a birthday breakfast.  Then, we waited on Josh to get home so we could go get the girls nails done and then eat some pizza and try a new ice cream place.  It was a fun night; Molly felt very special!

She played with Play-doh (thanks, Mrs. Mary!).

Mack took a nap while we waited on Josh–could he be any more relaxed?!

Molly was going to wear her new boots, wig and baby out until she realized she wouldn’t be able to get her toes done unless she wore some flip flops.

Ruby chose blue finger nail polish and pink toe nail polish.

Molly opted for green and red….Can you say “Merry Christmas” ?

A happy little 5 year old!

We all had a fun night celebrating Molly’s 5th birthday!  I asked her where my 4 year old Molly was, and she told me she was gone.  I guess I can only see my 4 year old Molly in pictures….like this one from her first day of school:

And my three year old Molly:

And my two year old Molly:

We wish you many more, Molly Moodle!

Sneak Peek!

The girls got up at the crack of dawn to get ready for school.  So early, in fact, that I have time to post these pictures.  We took them outside where it was so humid one can hardly breathe!!!!

Somehow this pose gets worked into first day of school shots

Mack—the one NOT going to Kindergarten.

I will post more later on how the day goes!!!

Open House 2010

We all five went to The King’s Academy for Open House Saturday night.  It was a lot of fun, in a very busy kind of way.  Mack was horrible from the beginning.  He fell asleep in the car and drooled vanilla wafer all over his clean shirt.  This is what he looked like when we got there:

I probably don’t need to tell you that he did not do well the entire time!  No doubt he would have stayed at the grandparents house just up the road, if indeed we had grandparents up the road, which we do not.  Moving on.

We went by Mrs. Honaker’s classroom first since it was on the way.  She picked right up with Ruby where they left off…lots of hugs.

While she did hug Molly, I appreciated that she also took more gentle measures with her.  She recognized that Molly was a bit reserved.  I am sure Molly will get more and more comfortable with Mrs. Honaker as the year goes by.

Molly did a scavenger hunt around the room and made a cute visor on which she put her name.  She liked being in the room and didn’t want to leave.  They iced a cookie and decorated it, too!

This is Ruby in her 1st grade class, also decorating a cookie!  She did a scavenger hunt around the room, too, to get familiar with where things are.  She seemed much more grown up and enjoyed seeing some of her friends from last year.  I won’t lie—this is the only picture I got of her because by this time Mack truly was being the devil.  He would grab a handful of M&Ms or a big juicy sugar thing every time he walked by the candy bin…and there were more kids that had to use that stuff!!  He is such a stinker.  I don’t know if he was just exhausted or if he knew that none of what we were doing had to do with him, but I am so very glad we let Molly pick Papa John’s take-out pizza instead of going in and sitting down at Waffle House.  I couldn’t have stood it.

So, there you have it.  We are getting closer and closer to our first day of school for the year.  I am nervous and have thought of a few things I need to do to get prepared.  I thought I was ready, but I am not.  Stay tuned for more pictures on Tuesday!!


Mack came downstairs with a hard hat on, gun in hand and “bible” under his arm.  He said, “I am her (pointing to Molly) Daddy.  I need a Bible if I am a Daddy.  A Daddy reads his Bible.”  It was so sweet.  He had been upstairs while Josh was reading his Bible and preparing for Sunday’s lesson.

It’s Cubbie time!

This is what it comes to when you are the 3rd child!  This bag was Molly’s bag, so we had to put duct tape over Molly’s name and write Mack’s name.

But he couldn’t be prouder.

Nor could Molly…we were all so happy that he was so excited to be a Cubbie Bear!  He talked the entire way home with Josh about all the fun he had.  He also wanted to take his book and bag to his bed.  He is wearing his vest as we speak.

We are so proud of him starting Cubbies.  He has to start some memorizing this week.  That will be interesting.  I will keep you posted on how that goes.  I have a feeling I will need to go get a new bag of tootsie rolls for some bribing.

A special thanks to GG for sending Molly some birthday money…we all went to the movies today and had a ball.  Looks like the birthday festivities are already starting.

Quick update

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day in my car.  It was part of preparation for school starting, I guess.  (Though I do have a husband who likes taking the kids to school a lot…I love that.)  Anyway, I picked up a sitter at 8:00am and then came home to leave her with the kids.  Then, I drove to school to meet Ruby’s 1st grade teacher, Mrs. O.  She was super!  The room is so cute.  All of us moms were sitting in kid chairs and at kid tables while she walked us through an assignment sheet.  It would be safe to say that 1st grade will be requiring a little more of me than Kindergarten.  🙂  Ruby will have spelling tests each Friday, if I remember correctly.  Handwriting will mostly be my responsibility!  I am really excited to see how Ruby does.  I was relieved that she is reading well because they major on that in first grade.

After that two hour meeting, I met Josh for lunch and got to talk with him for a little bit.  I ran in the Dollar Store and got Molly some cheap kitchen utensils and a few art things to put away for her birthday next week.  She is all the time stealing things from my kitchen drawers!

Then, I went back to the school for the Kindergarten meeting with Mrs. Honaker.  She was so sweet, of course.  I was much more relaxed in there this year than last year.  She read THE KISSING HAND, and I cried again.  I am so glad I am the middle child and that I have a middle child…as I was sitting there I had to fight thinking back on the first time I heard that book when I was there for Ruby AND I had to fight thinking about in two years when I will most likely be in there for Mack’s teacher meeting.  I kept saying to myself, “This is about Molly.”  That probably sounds horrible, but I think that is just kind of how it goes when you have three so close in age.  Or maybe I am just weird.

Anyway, I wrote a sweet note for Molly on a hand cut out that Mrs. Honaker will read to each of them on the first day after she reads them the story.  I made sure to let her know that Mack would miss her horribly and would be so excited to see her when she gets home from her first day of school.  Oh, and this was neat.  Ruby’s number last year was 4.  That was the number all her books had on them and the number cubby that she put her stuff in, etc, etc.  Molly said, “I hope my number is 4 like Ruby’s was!”  And it was!  Ruby and Molly both are number 4, actually.  Neat, huh?

And if I read the dates right, they are both the youngest in their grade.  Molly gets to have birthday cake at school on her first day…talk about an exciting day!

So after I drove home from that meeting, I took the sitter to church for her school meetings and then drove back home.  Then, I had a church meeting a couple of hours later, so I left and came back once again.  I was exhausted at the end of yesterday and so glad to be HOME.

I can’t wait to share pictures with you of Open House, which is this Saturday and of the first day of school this Tuesday.  Fun times around her, for sure.