Sunday, funday

Jason must have been rummaging through Irvin’s attic because he sent Josh this photo of a plate he made…how adorable is this????😍
The sunset put off some amazing colors in the sky so I had to try and capture it! But a photo is nothing as beautiful as seeing it with your own eyes. Just gorgeous!!!
I enjoy changing out the chalkboard as the holidays come and go. There were so many options for Christmas, and yet I went with a bunch of trees. I don’t know why exactly but I like it.

Kids had some friends over to decorate some gingerbread houses. It was a friendly competition. Carter and Molly won first place.

A few guys stuck around and finished our puzzle. Well, except for the two pieces Rolo ate!!!! Silly dog.

I am grateful for an OPEN home where life can be enjoyed with those we love!


So grateful we got to be with some family this year for Thanksgiving. We missed my older sister and family!!! But we will take whoever we can get😊

Cousin time was super fun. Lots of laughs and jokes and late nights. Aunt Cacy and Ruby shared a bed. Kaybeth and Molly stayed in her room. And Jud got my new little guest nook bedroom.

Jud and Rolo were friends. Rolo appreciated all the compliments on her good, calm behavior! I had to watch and make sure Jud didn’t steal her when he headed home!

It was a sweet few days of being together! Thankful to God from Whom all blessings flow.

Gentle and Good god

Just a reminder that God is gentle. He knows we are but dust. He knows these days are challenging. He knows we are broken people walking around a broken planet. This season is fun and exciting and full. It’s also sad and overwhelming and a big fat reminder of all that is missing. So if you find yourself in a funk, as I did just this morning, remind yourself that God is gentle with His children.

I repeated no less than fifteen times, “This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it” before my feet ever touched the ground.  And even then I was dragging myself out of bed. I started laundry. I kept moving. I loaded the dishwasher. I took the dog for walk and prayed the whole time. And I was grateful that God isn’t crossing His arms, shaking His head and telling me to get it together already. 

Kind of like recently when one my kiddos was feeling overwhelmed and so very tired and saw no end in sight. Tears came. I hugged her, let her cry, and we came up with a plan for some rest. I took it easy on her. I could see she was waving the white flag. She needed understanding and some help with her perspective. 

I need that kind of response so often. And I bet you do, too. I am grateful that I always have that in the Lord. He is gentle. And good. And kind. And patient. And loving. And faithful. He tops my list of what I am grateful for. How about you?

Photo Dump

I wouldn’t dare suggest that God doesn’t know what He is doing. Seriously, I wouldn’t. And at the same time—I am not sure I’d encourage young couples to have kids as close together as possible. And I am certain I may never give parenting advice, like ever. Three teenagers ain’t no joke. Two drivers, two new drivers’ insurance, three opinions, three speeds of getting ready, three very different students, three different opinions on movies, on sports, on restaurants, on EVERYTHING. It can be daunting. Kudos to all of you who have raised kids. Mad respect for each of you! How about some photos of late?

You might say, “Kristy, you have more photos of your dog than your kids!” Yes, I do. She is nicer to me. 🤣🤣