This really happened….


So, I am meeting friends later tonight at Chili’s to talk and talk and talk.  Josh was craving wings, so he picked some up on his way home from work.  I pondered how I could get away with the least amount of work in the kitchen considering our plans thus far.  Here’s what I came up with:

dsc_0043And do you know what Molly said, “OH, MOM.  I REALLY LOVE THOSE.  THEY LOOK SO VERY, VERY GOOD.”  I was laughing my head off inside because these really gross me out.  So why would I serve them to my children, you ask?  Because they LOVE them.  




licking the bowl so as to not lose one single noodle
licking the bowl so as to not lose one single noodle


Even Ruby is surprised at how much she loves them!
Even Ruby is surprised at how much she loves them!

So dinner was served with the twist of the can-opener and some zapping from the microwave………see, I really don’t work!  hahaha.  Really though, I am very happy with myself right now.  Happy Thursday night to all!

Mack’s Two Year Appointment

Mack had his two year check up last week.  He checked out great except for some minor ear issues.  He remains a “big boy.”  My girls were “big girls,” too.  Josh and I aren’t surprised.  We aren’t small, petite people.  Here is Mack’s info from the visit:  Height, 36 3/8″ (90%), Weight, 34lbs,8oz (97%) and Head, 52 cm (97%).  I have some of the girl’s information written down on slips of paper and thrown in a bag for them to rummage through later in life and talk about how they wish I had kept up with this stuff much better.  Oh well.  


dsc_0449I remember a day when I thought I was totally stuck in “Baby World.”  I am glad to see that is not true.  They do grow up.  They do feed themselves.  They do, they do!  Sometimes sad to think about, but usually not.

I don’t work.

The other morning I was telling Molly we couldn’t see a friend of hers because the friend’s mom was at work.  She laughed and said to me, “Mommy’s don’t work!”  I told her how some Mommy’s do work (meaning outside of the home).  She said, “Mommy’s do not work.  They just stay home.”  I chose not to go into a liturgy about all the work a mom does, all the hours we put in, the mounds of laundry we conquer, the number of meals we serve, and how we never “clock-out.” 

Then, this morning Josh was getting ready to leave.  We are all sad when he leaves each morning because we miss him so much.  I told Molly, “Daddy has to go to work.”  She said, “But you don’t have to go to work.”  I told her, “No, Mama’s work is here.”  She laughed at me again and said, “This isn’t your work.  This is your home.”  Oh dear….I held back again and just told her I was so glad I didn’t have to work, and that I was so glad to just stay at home and play with her.

In actuality, Josh was going to play golf today.  He played yesterday, too.  He hasn’t played in at least 8 months; there just happened to be two tournaments that his boss signed them up for back to back.  Ruby was funny about it and said, “Daddy, why are you playing golf each day?”  

Yeah, Josh just plays golf all day, each day and I just sit around the house playing with kids.  We don’t work.  This is the life.

Bit by a shark




We were looking through beach pictures from last summer. Molly saw the pictures from when they took the pontoon boat out and saw a lot of jelly fish. She said, ” ‘Member when I got bit by a shark…or something.” I said, “Oh yeah. Wasn’t it a jelly fish though?” She said, “Yeah, something like that.”


Jelly fish.

Same thing.

Early Nap

Each kid is down for a nap already (10:30am) because, really, the alternative (for them) would NOT have been good.
Note to self: 7:45pm bedtime. Every night. No compromising. I am serious.

Cute little handwriters


Oh, that Ruby and Katherine!  They are just so sweet together.  I remember seeing Katherine in the nursery department as she and her daddy waited in the hallway for the teacher to get there.  I noticed her because she was the only other little girl that didn’t have any hair.  It was a comforting fact as I dropped my bald-headed baby (and eventually toddler) off each week.  Then, later, I met Katherine’s mama, Mrs. Mary.  She is one of the most kind-hearted gals I know!  I am so thankful the Lord brought our girls together; I am just as thankful to have Mary as one of my closest friends.  She is such a blessing to me.  Their  whole family is, actually!  Mack has Ben, Ruby has Katherine, and Molly and I share Mrs. Mary; when the men are together they talk real good, too.  🙂  We love the Koesters.

Aren’t these girls precious?  Only one more week of handwriting class.  I can’t believe it is over!  Ruby’s writing has greatly improved (thanks, Mrs. Heather!).

dsc_0441And, LOOK, they both have hair now.  Katherine’s is in a ponytail…she is working on Barbie-length hair!   

True Love

PawPaw and Sweetie (my parents) came to visit us last Thursday  on their way to Alabama and then stopped back by on their way home from Alabama.  The kids always love seeing them.  This time the love between Mack and PawPaw grew even stronger.  




dsc_0485This is where it gets border-line sick.  PawPaw caught a big bass while in Alabama, and my mom had the picture blown up and framed (that part isn’t the sick part)….so while PawPaw was upstairs getting ready, Mack kept pointing to the picture and saying, “See PawPaw, see PawPaw.”  My mom took the picture and sat it on the floor for Mack.  Mack just sat and looked at the picture of PawPaw.

dsc_0487Then, he showed PawPaw his “hot dog” (aka Mickey Mouse in most homes across the world).

dsc_0503And then, Mack read a book to PawPaw’s picture.

It was hilarious.  He loves Big PawPaw.   Alot!  

Of course, there was no love lost between the girls and PawPaw……dsc_04691


And no love lost between Sweetie and Mack.  She knows the way to his heart.  Frosty, anyone?


And the girls had their fair share of Sweetie-time, too!  Sweetie must have told Molly a hundred stories.

dsc_0492And no visit with Sweetie would be complete without some gifts….so off to Wal-Mart we went…….Thank you, Sweetie, for all the fun stuff!


Ruby got Tinkerbelle shoes, a fairy, and a carousel with little dolls
Ruby got Tinkerbelle shoes, a fairy, and a carousel with little dolls
Mack got a ball, a frog and some candy.  Right here he is playing with Molly's cash register.
Mack got a ball, a frog and some candy. Right here he is playing with Molly's cash register.
Molly also got a set of hair stuff for her baby dolls.
Molly also got a set of hair stuff for her baby dolls.

While I know this probably just spoils the children, it has been nice to have them entertain themselves with their new toys while I blog about them.  And now I hope to get in a couple more loads of laundry and to make a few beds until they get bored again!  

It is always fun to hang out with Sweetie and PawPaw!  We will miss them until the next time.