Edisto Beach 2023

What a fun week at Edisto! We celebrated the Fourth and enjoyed the sun, sand, food and time together.

I usually leave sad because I’m a brat I love the beach. It’s just so majestic and beautiful. And the warmth is amazing. So I’ve already booked a stay at Edisto for the girls’ college spring break! I can make it til March. And Josh says going to the beach even a few times a year is less expensive than buying a beach house. So that’s what we will do😎 well, at least once a year anyway.

We came home and unpacked and did some laundry. We scrounged for dinner and then took Mack to a parking lot to practice parking and three point turns since he will *hopefully* be getting his license very soon.

The thought of being done with teaching kids to drive makes me giddy. What a milestone that will be. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—I’d rather potty train 500 toddlers than teach a teenager to drive.

We’re also happy to be reunited with Rolo!

Here’s to enjoying July and counting down the days to the next beach trip!☀️🌊☀️🌊☀️🌊


Josh and I went on a pre-vacation. You know, a reprieve before spending time with a larger group. And it was a game changer. We wanted some time alone. We wanted some family time. We got both, and I’m so thankful for our two night getaway. Charleston was lovely.

And we were reminded that we really love being together.

This homemade strawberry pop tart will be visiting me in my dreams. So yummy with coffee from Miller’s All Day.

One evening at dinner, we ran into a friend from junior college! Duncan was a fun guy that always made us laugh. It was so fun to see him and meet his wife.

We sat on a bench and talked for a bit after dinner. Then went to a coffee shop for coconut cake and coffee while a man played live music.

Next stop was Edisto Beach!