I was given restrictions on how much posting to do about Mack turning 16. For now, I’ll just say we love Mack. Thankful for his life. Happy 16th birthday, Mack Joshua!

Adding hibachi dinner to celebrate Mack—

Chapel👍🏻 Costco👎🏻

I had another great time at Thursday Chapel at Molly’s school. It’s always fun to see her doing what I believe she is made to do.

This was during practice. I didn’t get to see her very well during the actual chapel service but she did a great job!

I also went to Costco for only my third time and my last time. Three strikes and you’re out. That place is an absolute zoo. I don’t think you save any money in that ridiculous warehouse either. Plus, someone who lives in a home built in 1952 has zero storage and my pantry is the tiniest closet in our home. And no one smiles and I felt like I was going to get run slap over by these nincompoops. Then you stand in line to leave so they can look at your receipt. Good grief. I don’t know why I ever joined in the first place. No thank you.