More of the same

The days around here are sometimes routine.  Most of the time I like it that way.  Other times it makes me crazy.  I am sure I am not alone in these feelings.

Yesterday we did school, Ruby made a dinosaur out of aluminum foil, Molly asked for 5 million snacks, we had a quick school meeting here, we ate lunch, we played outside.  The thing that was outside of our routine was the way Mack decided to tee-tee twice in his undies AND poop like a grown man on my guest bathroom floor!!!!!  Right beside the toilet.  What in the world was he thinking?????

After I cleaned him up and informed him that he is potty trained,  I sent all three kids out in the yard.  It was best for all of us.  About twenty minutes later I decided I could handle being around them again.  I walked outside and started swinging.  Mack came over and wanted me to hold him.  It was his way of making sure I knew he was sorry, I think.  I held him and swung him.  He fell asleep.  Right there in his SpiderMan underwear, baseball t-shirt and fireman boots while I laid a pink crocheted blanket around him.  The wind was rough yesterday.  It was a sweet moment.  And a moment where I was reminded that this baby boy with two older sisters hardly stands a chance.

When he woke up, I decided to take some pictures.

“Smile, Mack!”

He wanted to be the one taking the pictures.  So I let him…

I had to stop him when all he kept taking was my mid-section.  I don’t know about you, but a thirty something mother of three usually doesn’t have need of a picture of her mid-section.  Am I right or am I right?

We tried some together.

He wanted to be the one pushing the button….

He is so cute.  I can’t help but forgive him for making me clean up behind his nasty self.

Let me leave you with Ruby’s new smile.  It changes weekly!  Her teeth keep falling out.  Hilarious!

And though Molly hasn’t lost a single tooth, she still swears she has six loose teeth in her mouth.  Ruby calls her out on it every time.  “NO you don’t have any loose teeth either.”  She is so kind and considerate, that Ruby.  It doesn’t seem to bother Molly though.  She is convinced she has six loose teeth.

The tooth fairy did a little better this time.  He stole a dollar from his son’s wallet and put it under Ruby’s fairy that was sitting by her bed.

Big Teeth and Hair

Mack is a funny boy.  It is no secret that I have big hair.  It is also not a secret that my teeth are large as well.  🙂  I think Mack has it figured out.  For a while he has seemed intrigued with my hair.  He touches it.  It started off with him telling me that he liked my hair.  Now he tells me I have big, curly hair.  Last night he told me something about my hair going good night, as if it were a separate entity from myself.  ?!  And the past few days, he will pause and look at me when we are face to face (like when I am pulling up his pants or wiping his dirty mouth) and say, “You have pretty teeth, Mama.”  I think we’re moving in the direction of, “Mama, your teeth are big.”  I don’t know what he thinks all the time, but he sure does crack me up.

I found this picture from a few weeks back when it was warmer outside.  He seems to be wanting this little Cabbage Patch Doll to give up some important information.  He’s trying to drown her, it seems!  And, no, that is not a speedo he is in, those are his undies.

Love me some Mackie-boy.


We have had stuff going on, but I haven’t had time to blog about any of it.  The Dorminy’s visited this weekend.  Would you believe I didn’t take one single picture?  Shameful.  Friday night was Soccer practice and Mexican.  Saturday Mrs. Debbie and I got to go the Beth Moore conference.  It was fabulous!  We had a wonderful time.  There was plenty said that will keep me thinking in the days and weeks ahead!  Maybe I can share later all of her points on what a secure woman looks like.  So good.

Today I went in Molly’s music class and listened to her sing and watched her with Boomwhackers.  She is learning rhythm and beat and notes, etc.  She totally cracks me up.  She did not smile at all.  She did participate, but not with great enthusiasm.  This is just how Molly rolls.  My friend, Mary, came in and watched Molly, too.  She reminded me that Molly might be like Beth Moore’s assistant….Beth Moore talked about her assistant being very business like and focused, and somewhat non-dramatic.  If you were there, you will remember her talking about her.  OH, that Molly.  “I love the Lord.  I do.”  Molly may say that one day with a straight face and not one single tear.  I’ll just be glad she says it because, if she says it (and I pray she does!), she will most likely mean it from the core of her being.

I don’t realize how big Molly’s hair is until moments like these….wonder where she gets it from?

Molly does have a cute little sense of style…love her jeweled sandals, half painted toe nails and jeans.

Mack showed me his talent while we waited in the hallway.

He is so funny.

Oh, and I meant to mention that Molly has been falling off of her bike a lot lately:


Yesterday I made some Dinosaur Food–Mrs. Honaker sent a recipe home for the kids to try.  They are studying dinosaurs this week.  Did you know the word dinosaur didn’t come about until 1841?  That’s why we don’t see the word in the Bible.  Dragon is in the Bible though.  And did you know that an average sized dinosaur would be the size of a sheep?  Crazy.  There’s more…..but I will move on.  This Dino Food did not look so much like food as, maybe, Dino- Poop!

But they did taste good!

That should bring us up to speed.  Glad you checked in on me after almost a week of nothing!

Nothing exciting…

I would love to post about a surprise get a way trip that Josh and I just got back from or an amazing day when a lady came and cleaned my house for free or about a day when the kids were completely obedient and didn’t whine one single time.

But if I did, you would know I was lying.

My days have been filled with laundry, home school activities and work, wiping down toilets, picking up 5 million pairs of shoes in the wrong place and twice that many books that get left every where except on the book shelf, cooking, coping with ridiculous PMS, changing the vacuum cleaner bag, and taking two shirts back to Kohl’s for the sales person to remove the security things.  Gotta love it when that happens.  Josh was looking at my shirts and brought it to my attention that those security things were still attached.  I was so upset for a moment….maybe I was a little dramatic when I said, “Oh my goodness.  I can’t go back to Kohl’s.  I have THREE KIDS!!!!!”  I was serious.

So when something fun or funny happens around here, I will be sure to post.  Until then, let me get back to sweeping.

Singing and Schooling

Last night the girls sang in church.  We sat up front and had a great view of both of them.  Ruby has done this before.  Molly was beside herself with excitement since this was her first time.  She was all smiles.  She sang each word and did all the movements.  So sweet to watch both of them singing.

Molly with her friend, Gracie

Ruby and Katherine are best little friends and usually end up standing near one another when they perform.

This was our view, which was perfect.  We could see both of them with ease.

Aren’t they so cute?!

This was before we left the house.  They are so funny!

Mack, 3 years old

Molly, 4 years old

Ruby, 5 years old

We did school outside at my new table today!  It was great.  The other two made Gran a card for her BIRTHDAY!  Happy Birthday to Gran!  Ruby had a great school day.  She enjoyed the change of scenery and being able to take breaks and run around outside.

My new table!  I brought out chairs from the kitchen.

Molly got cold out there.

Mack got mad out there.

Never a dull moment around this house.

Now you see them….now you don’t!

Sweetie and PawPaw came to town Friday afternoon.  They left Saturday afternoon.  We love having them here, and they love being here.  They just like to go, go, go.  They love eating out.  My mom loves shopping.  And let me tell you, she did do shopping while she was here.  She makes the time she is here count, that is for sure.  🙂

They showed up with Mack’s birthday present.  A bike without pedals.  I don’t have any pictures of him on it right now though!  He does like it, and I know it will help him learn to ride a bike without training wheels soon.

We went to Mexican for lunch.

We went to a furniture store, a market, and Target….all on Friday afternoon.  We ate at home on Friday night.  We also put together Mack’s new bed that Sweetie and Paw Paw kindly got for him!

We moved about once a year for about ten years, so you have no idea how many times I have been a part of helping my dad put beds together.

This time Mack was the helper.  (Please note that cute hiney sticking out of his pull up!)

He looks to be a good helper, doesn’t he?

Sweetie helped keep Molly entertained.

The boy couldn’t be any prouder!

He really does love his big boy bed and the cute cars comforter.  It fits him to a “T.”

The next day we went to Target real quick and then to Dick’s to get Josh some shirts.  My mom thought he should get something.  Josh was appreciative.  Dads can get overlooked so easily in the gift department.  Not this trip!  (Thanks, Sweetie!)

After that shopping, we went to Chik-fil-A for a quick ice cream.  The kids loved that, of course.

We went to the soccer field from there to watch Ruby play a game.   It was a nice day for a soccer game.

While Ruby was running hard and kicking the ball all over the place, the other two were getting Sweetie to buy them a drink and lollipop.

I spent lots of the game looking at the back of Molly’s head.  She whined to sit in my lap.  She fell two big times while Sweetie and PawPaw were here, and she did not handle it very well at all.  She cried for hours.  She whined the whole day.  She told us each time that it hurt when she walked or moved her elbow.  Maybe we should invest in knee pads and elbow pads for Molly-Moo.

So a fun time was had by all with Sweetie and PawPaw.  They were very generous, and we enjoyed catching up with them.

OH, and my mom bought me a cute green table for outside.  I love it!  I am already planning in my head some sort of tea party or brunch with a few girlfriends.  Thanks, Mom!

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday afternoon.  The kids sing in church tonight, and they are so excited.  Ruby tells Molly all about what to expect and “to not be nervous because you’ll get used to be up there after a little while.”  Ruby is a professional.  After all, she has sang in church three times now.  haha!


The 6:30 bedtime wasn’t far off (see yesterday’s post).  At 6:54 all of them are clean, in pajamas, in the bed and listened to four stories.  Mack kept asking, “Why we go to bed when it is still morning?”

BUT, the funniest thing said during this night time routine was from Molly.  I asked Ruby if her name was on Mrs. Honaker’s tooth fairy club wall since she has lost so many teeth.  Ruby said, “No, Mrs. Honaker is just so busy that she hasn’t been able to do it, and I don’t want to ask her about it because she is just so busy and has so much to do.”

Really?  Ruby gets it….at least with Mrs. Honaker.

So, I reply, “Wow, Ruby.  That is great that you don’t ask her about it because you see that she is so busy with so many other things.  We could really practice that around here.  When Mommy is busy with something, maybe you can not ask over and over for me to do something else.”  (It has been a LONG day…trust me, she does not “get this” when it comes to me.)

Well, Molly pipes up, “Yeah and Daddy, too.  When he is on the potty we should not bother him.”

Does anyone else think that is hilarious??  Maybe it is just me, but I laughed really hard.

Losing the nap, I think

Mack has been showing his tail in recent days on those afternoons that he has not napped.  I have let him stay up because he begs to be “with the girls.”  It is so cute.

And then 3:00 comes.  Oh my.

So the past few days I have been strict on making him nap.  What thanks do I get?

A very wired little boy at 9:00pm.  He cries and cries at bedtime and then comes out of his room saying, “My eye hurts.”  I don’t know why he chooses his eye each time, but he does.  Josh let him come into the living room with us the other night.  He loved it. After forty minutes of playing and walking around and sitting with each of us, I asked him if he should go to bed now.  “No, my eye hurts, Mama!”


Last night he came out of his room again.  Josh had to get some things together for a business trip, so Mack was hanging out in our room.  He ended up in my bed, laying his chubby face on my pillow.  He told me to get on my pajamas.  Then, he patted the pillow and said, “Here’s a spot for you, Mama.”  Such a kind child, offering to give me a spot on MY PILLOW.

We talked with him for a while.  He is so very funny.  I tried to convince him that his bed was probably crying and wondering where Mackie-boy was.  He just laughed at me and said that his bed wasn’t doing that.

Oh.  I could have swore it was.

The other night during one of these late night episodes he told me he was gonna eat my curly hair.  I said, “Mama does have really curly hair, don’t I?”  He said, “You have BIG curly hair.”

Thank you for clarifying.

When he starts asking me to raise my eyebrows so that he can count the lines/wrinkles on my forehead…well, that brings it all into clarity, and I take his butt to bed.

So long afternoon solitude.  It was good while it lasted.

Hello 6:30 bedtime.  🙂

I feel the need to post

I don’t have any pictures to post from this week, but I feel the need to post.  Ruby is in school.  Molly is resting on the couch while Mack is in his bed for a nap.  Laundry is going, and I am taking a break from de-cluttering my closet a bit.  I also want to make a chocolate pie to take to a neighbor.  The pest guy just left, and we don’t have any termites invading our home, so that is good.  Things are just really good these days.  Beautiful weather.  Laid back days.  The kids have enjoyed fun times with water outside.  If we could just get the pollen to settle down….

My parents are coming this weekend.  I looked back to see what we were doing this time last year, and what do you know?!

Sweetie and PawPaw were here!  Crazy how that happened.  They will get to see Ruby play soccer on Saturday.  I hope the weather stays as nice as it is today!


This morning the kids and I had fun with a friend and her kids.  The morning was gorgeous!  They left at lunch time; we ate lunch and then went outside again.  I washed off the porches with the hose and in the process the girls got soaking wet, of course.  Mack managed to stay half way dry somehow.  Josh came home and mowed the yard.  After dinner we took a trip to Frosty Frog for ice cream for the kids.  They love that place.  Here are a few pictures from the afternoon.

Ruby and Molly decided to get in dry clothes and eat some pretzels while watching a movie after getting drenched outside.

Mack decided to sit on the front porch and watch Josh mow.  This popsicle stick is new to our house, and I haven’t been able to make them work quite right.  You can freeze your own juice; it becomes a problem when you can’t get it to stay on the stick though!

We have it working right in this picture.

Clean Front Porch!

Josh mowing.  Mack was yelling from the porch, “DADDY!  LOOK AT ME IN MY EYES.  LOOK AT ME IN MY EYES.”  I tried to explain that Daddy couldn’t hear him, but he still was mad that Josh wouldn’t look at him in his eyes.

We are enjoying Spring around here and all the signs of life it brings.  Our woods are getting fuller, and I love how that looks.

We are looking forward to a laid back Saturday!