The Ivey Visit

Marcy and Jesse and their two little ones came to visit Friday and stayed until this evening.  We enjoyed having them here!  Poor little Vance wasn’t feeling well and ended up with a fever.  He was pitiful.

He laid on the couch for most of the night, hugging his bear, coughing and eating some Froot Loops while watching NEMO.  He did feel much better the next morning.  He was talking and talking, and Ruby said to Uncle Jesse, “He must be the captain of your house because he really talks a lot.”  Sweet Captain Vance.

Molly spend most of the time following Renn around, trying to help her walk or sit or stand or eat…the only problem with this is that Renn does not need help, nor does she even want help.  This combination was maddening.  I tried to get Molly to leave her alone or just play with her instead of “mothering” her to death and making her mad.  My efforts were in vain, so I just left her alone.  Renn stood her ground and let Molly know when enough was enough.

Sweetie was kind enough to send some Valentine’s Day pajamas for the girls.  We tried to get a picture of all three of them together.

We had a small miracle occur from Mack:

He can smile for the camera.  Who knew?!

Ruby and Mack played rough together most of Friday night.  She loves a good wrestling match.  She probably only stands another year or two of winning with him!

We woke up and ate pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast.  It was good.  We also went out to TJ Maxx and Books A Million in FREEZING weather.  I complained about living here where it is so stinkin’ cold.  Josh made fun of me, like he usually does.  It happens every time.

Mmmm.  Bacon.

Renn was really trying to get an M&M out of the bottom of this ziploc bag.

So a fun time was had by all.  I hope that they will come again when it is warmer so that we can enjoy the great outdoors together.

I better go check on the pound cake I am baking.  It is Pioneer Woman’s recipe.  I will post a picture of how it looks after it is finished cooking IF it turns out pretty.  If not, I will be forced to eat it all in an effort to get rid of any evidence that the cake was a flop.  Good Saturday night to ya’!