Yes, he did.

I have had a wonderful day here at the house.  The kids watched a movie while it poured down rain this morning, and I cleaned up the kitchen, did some laundry and made up beds.  I cooked spaghetti and bread and brownies for our great friends, The Koesters.  They came over to eat and play and do a Valentine’s craft, of which I am just now realizing I did not take one picture!!!  Ugh.  Anyway, I sat down to check emails after they left and while we waited on Josh to get home.  Josh called in the meantime.  I was talking to him for about 4 minutes.  In that time I realized that Mack had disappeared, which is never, ever good.  I told Josh I needed to go find him.  He walked around the corner with his head totally wet and part of his forehead.  Immediately he starts apologizing.  “I sorry.  I sorry.  I sorry!”  I said, “MACK!  What did you do?  Where did you get water?  Show me.”   He took me to the bathroom where I thought I might find a messy sink.  Nope.



The girls never, ever did that.  Ever.

What makes one decide to lean over and stick their head into the toilet, where they KNOW WHAT GOES IN THE TOILET????


I don’t know.

But, why do I take pictures?  I suppose it is so I won’t scold him.  Might as well laugh about it.  AFTER I tell him to never do that ever again.

Molly was trying to figure out why he did it.  He wasn’t offering any good reason at all.  He just kept saying, “I say sorry!”

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