I feel the need to post

I don’t have any pictures to post from this week, but I feel the need to post.  Ruby is in school.  Molly is resting on the couch while Mack is in his bed for a nap.  Laundry is going, and I am taking a break from de-cluttering my closet a bit.  I also want to make a chocolate pie to take to a neighbor.  The pest guy just left, and we don’t have any termites invading our home, so that is good.  Things are just really good these days.  Beautiful weather.  Laid back days.  The kids have enjoyed fun times with water outside.  If we could just get the pollen to settle down….

My parents are coming this weekend.  I looked back to see what we were doing this time last year, and what do you know?!

Sweetie and PawPaw were here!  Crazy how that happened.  They will get to see Ruby play soccer on Saturday.  I hope the weather stays as nice as it is today!

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