Singing and Schooling

Last night the girls sang in church.  We sat up front and had a great view of both of them.  Ruby has done this before.  Molly was beside herself with excitement since this was her first time.  She was all smiles.  She sang each word and did all the movements.  So sweet to watch both of them singing.

Molly with her friend, Gracie

Ruby and Katherine are best little friends and usually end up standing near one another when they perform.

This was our view, which was perfect.  We could see both of them with ease.

Aren’t they so cute?!

This was before we left the house.  They are so funny!

Mack, 3 years old

Molly, 4 years old

Ruby, 5 years old

We did school outside at my new table today!  It was great.  The other two made Gran a card for her BIRTHDAY!  Happy Birthday to Gran!  Ruby had a great school day.  She enjoyed the change of scenery and being able to take breaks and run around outside.

My new table!  I brought out chairs from the kitchen.

Molly got cold out there.

Mack got mad out there.

Never a dull moment around this house.

4 thoughts on “Singing and Schooling

  1. The table looks awesome, and I love the singing pics. Ruby and Katherine look so much bigger/older…where has the time gone??? Three years ago I would never have thought those words would be coming out of my mouth…but it is true!

  2. What a beautiful smile Molly has. She is definitly a little entertainer. Ruby is a pro by now, of course. Wish Irvin and I could have been there to see the performance in person. Will Mack be singing with them next year? Impossible!

  3. Love this…Molly is such a big girl…and love Ruby’s side ponytail…and I like Mack’s pouty face 😉 And the green table is so cool. We got a new large flower pot for our front porch…same green…that must be the spring ‘it’ color 🙂

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