Nothing exciting…

I would love to post about a surprise get a way trip that Josh and I just got back from or an amazing day when a lady came and cleaned my house for free or about a day when the kids were completely obedient and didn’t whine one single time.

But if I did, you would know I was lying.

My days have been filled with laundry, home school activities and work, wiping down toilets, picking up 5 million pairs of shoes in the wrong place and twice that many books that get left every where except on the book shelf, cooking, coping with ridiculous PMS, changing the vacuum cleaner bag, and taking two shirts back to Kohl’s for the sales person to remove the security things.  Gotta love it when that happens.  Josh was looking at my shirts and brought it to my attention that those security things were still attached.  I was so upset for a moment….maybe I was a little dramatic when I said, “Oh my goodness.  I can’t go back to Kohl’s.  I have THREE KIDS!!!!!”  I was serious.

So when something fun or funny happens around here, I will be sure to post.  Until then, let me get back to sweeping.

2 thoughts on “Nothing exciting…

  1. I have a great vision in my head…you are totally pms-ing and frazzled…hair all crazy…books and shoes piled all around…while you sweep the house frantically…all while wearing a new shirt with a big plastic security thingy hanging from it. YIKES!

  2. ok…surely SOMETHING has happened since April 22nd!?? i mean, you have 3 kids and a goofy husband…there HAS to be some kind of funny story to share! 🙂 miss your stories. blog soon, please!

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