This morning the kids and I had fun with a friend and her kids.  The morning was gorgeous!  They left at lunch time; we ate lunch and then went outside again.  I washed off the porches with the hose and in the process the girls got soaking wet, of course.  Mack managed to stay half way dry somehow.  Josh came home and mowed the yard.  After dinner we took a trip to Frosty Frog for ice cream for the kids.  They love that place.  Here are a few pictures from the afternoon.

Ruby and Molly decided to get in dry clothes and eat some pretzels while watching a movie after getting drenched outside.

Mack decided to sit on the front porch and watch Josh mow.  This popsicle stick is new to our house, and I haven’t been able to make them work quite right.  You can freeze your own juice; it becomes a problem when you can’t get it to stay on the stick though!

We have it working right in this picture.

Clean Front Porch!

Josh mowing.  Mack was yelling from the porch, “DADDY!  LOOK AT ME IN MY EYES.  LOOK AT ME IN MY EYES.”  I tried to explain that Daddy couldn’t hear him, but he still was mad that Josh wouldn’t look at him in his eyes.

We are enjoying Spring around here and all the signs of life it brings.  Our woods are getting fuller, and I love how that looks.

We are looking forward to a laid back Saturday!

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