Big Teeth and Hair

Mack is a funny boy.  It is no secret that I have big hair.  It is also not a secret that my teeth are large as well.  🙂  I think Mack has it figured out.  For a while he has seemed intrigued with my hair.  He touches it.  It started off with him telling me that he liked my hair.  Now he tells me I have big, curly hair.  Last night he told me something about my hair going good night, as if it were a separate entity from myself.  ?!  And the past few days, he will pause and look at me when we are face to face (like when I am pulling up his pants or wiping his dirty mouth) and say, “You have pretty teeth, Mama.”  I think we’re moving in the direction of, “Mama, your teeth are big.”  I don’t know what he thinks all the time, but he sure does crack me up.

I found this picture from a few weeks back when it was warmer outside.  He seems to be wanting this little Cabbage Patch Doll to give up some important information.  He’s trying to drown her, it seems!  And, no, that is not a speedo he is in, those are his undies.

Love me some Mackie-boy.

4 thoughts on “Big Teeth and Hair

  1. Looks like someone is learning how to do Waterboarding. You might have a future agent on your hands.

  2. Big hair, big teeth……kind of reminds me of when you were 3ish and you were studying my face ….you know the one with freckles and you so nicely asked me, “how old were you when you got those freckles?’…….I could tell you were trying to see how much time you had left before you were in the safe time zone to not get those freckles…..

    I am glad to say that none of you girls got the freckles like I have. Anyway …..Big hair and big teeth ……Mack might be trying to figure out when he should expect those things to happen to him…hehehehehe. I am sure he will be as beautiful as you are ….oops – I mean he will be as handsome as you are beautiful.

  3. Mack, waterboarding is illegal! Kristy I always wanted big beautiful curly hair. Now I get to live that through P.

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