Now you see them….now you don’t!

Sweetie and PawPaw came to town Friday afternoon.  They left Saturday afternoon.  We love having them here, and they love being here.  They just like to go, go, go.  They love eating out.  My mom loves shopping.  And let me tell you, she did do shopping while she was here.  She makes the time she is here count, that is for sure.  🙂

They showed up with Mack’s birthday present.  A bike without pedals.  I don’t have any pictures of him on it right now though!  He does like it, and I know it will help him learn to ride a bike without training wheels soon.

We went to Mexican for lunch.

We went to a furniture store, a market, and Target….all on Friday afternoon.  We ate at home on Friday night.  We also put together Mack’s new bed that Sweetie and Paw Paw kindly got for him!

We moved about once a year for about ten years, so you have no idea how many times I have been a part of helping my dad put beds together.

This time Mack was the helper.  (Please note that cute hiney sticking out of his pull up!)

He looks to be a good helper, doesn’t he?

Sweetie helped keep Molly entertained.

The boy couldn’t be any prouder!

He really does love his big boy bed and the cute cars comforter.  It fits him to a “T.”

The next day we went to Target real quick and then to Dick’s to get Josh some shirts.  My mom thought he should get something.  Josh was appreciative.  Dads can get overlooked so easily in the gift department.  Not this trip!  (Thanks, Sweetie!)

After that shopping, we went to Chik-fil-A for a quick ice cream.  The kids loved that, of course.

We went to the soccer field from there to watch Ruby play a game.   It was a nice day for a soccer game.

While Ruby was running hard and kicking the ball all over the place, the other two were getting Sweetie to buy them a drink and lollipop.

I spent lots of the game looking at the back of Molly’s head.  She whined to sit in my lap.  She fell two big times while Sweetie and PawPaw were here, and she did not handle it very well at all.  She cried for hours.  She whined the whole day.  She told us each time that it hurt when she walked or moved her elbow.  Maybe we should invest in knee pads and elbow pads for Molly-Moo.

So a fun time was had by all with Sweetie and PawPaw.  They were very generous, and we enjoyed catching up with them.

OH, and my mom bought me a cute green table for outside.  I love it!  I am already planning in my head some sort of tea party or brunch with a few girlfriends.  Thanks, Mom!

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday afternoon.  The kids sing in church tonight, and they are so excited.  Ruby tells Molly all about what to expect and “to not be nervous because you’ll get used to be up there after a little while.”  Ruby is a professional.  After all, she has sang in church three times now.  haha!

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  1. wow! looks like ya’ll had a good time. sweetie and paw paw were generous…they always are. i LOVE mack’s bed and the comforter!! too cute! i also love molly’s hello kitty band aid on her chin. can’t wait to see some pics of your table and mack on his ‘like a bike’

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