Losing the nap, I think

Mack has been showing his tail in recent days on those afternoons that he has not napped.  I have let him stay up because he begs to be “with the girls.”  It is so cute.

And then 3:00 comes.  Oh my.

So the past few days I have been strict on making him nap.  What thanks do I get?

A very wired little boy at 9:00pm.  He cries and cries at bedtime and then comes out of his room saying, “My eye hurts.”  I don’t know why he chooses his eye each time, but he does.  Josh let him come into the living room with us the other night.  He loved it. After forty minutes of playing and walking around and sitting with each of us, I asked him if he should go to bed now.  “No, my eye hurts, Mama!”


Last night he came out of his room again.  Josh had to get some things together for a business trip, so Mack was hanging out in our room.  He ended up in my bed, laying his chubby face on my pillow.  He told me to get on my pajamas.  Then, he patted the pillow and said, “Here’s a spot for you, Mama.”  Such a kind child, offering to give me a spot on MY PILLOW.

We talked with him for a while.  He is so very funny.  I tried to convince him that his bed was probably crying and wondering where Mackie-boy was.  He just laughed at me and said that his bed wasn’t doing that.

Oh.  I could have swore it was.

The other night during one of these late night episodes he told me he was gonna eat my curly hair.  I said, “Mama does have really curly hair, don’t I?”  He said, “You have BIG curly hair.”

Thank you for clarifying.

When he starts asking me to raise my eyebrows so that he can count the lines/wrinkles on my forehead…well, that brings it all into clarity, and I take his butt to bed.

So long afternoon solitude.  It was good while it lasted.

Hello 6:30 bedtime.  🙂

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