This picture was taken by my room mate, Paige, while we sat and ate at Huddle House in Cochran, GA.  Josh and I were in school at Middle Georgia College.  He was always playing baseball.  I was the pool “I.D. taker-upper,” which explains why I look so tan.  Is that not the funniest job?  I wasn’t the lifeguard or anything important like that.  I laid out in the sun while students brought me their school I.D. card so that they could swim in the pool.  Oh the life.  Surely I complained of nothing during those days….surely.

I do love this picture because we weren’t even dating at the time.  And because we look 14 years old, comparatively speaking.  

And my teeth and smile—still as big as ever.  The hair is like a lead singer from a 1980’s hard rock group.  

I had about four pictures out that I found of Josh and me, and Ruby said, “Mom, you look different in all of those pictures…some are blonde, some are long hair, some are short, some of them you are dark and some of them you are light.”  I like to change things up, I guess. (As opposed to Josh who has had the same basic hair-do for about 16 years or so.) I do that with my groceries, too…you never know what brand I might come home with.  Josh doesn’t seem to mind all of my changes, but as far as groceries go, he’d like me to stick with what tastes best.


5 thoughts on “1997

  1. What a great picture! I can’t stand to send Brian to the grocery store because he brings home all different stuff than I would pick but my hair… well, you know about my hair.

  2. Girl, I had that SAME hair! I will have to find a pic. I LOVE how young you 2 were. You look just the same as now (except the hair), but Josh has really aged! 🙂 Very cute pic!

  3. Surely, you had nothing to complain about. That is almost as bad as my job at the concession stand at the Fleming Rec Dept. Free candy and plenty of baseball players to flirt with. Really, is that a job?

  4. What a great semester…you laid by the pool while I took 20 hours so that I could graduate! Why can’t I be as focused as you???

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