Look, Gran!

DSC_0049“My flowers are blooming!  I’ve got to show Gran.”

DSC_0047I think it is safe to say that Ruby didn’t get her “green thumb” from me!  (Note the overgrown beds behind Ruby.)  Gran got Ruby these flowers for her birthday, and they planted them down in Albany.  Ruby has been watering them every day, and she is so excited to see the blooms.  I know Gran will be proud of her.  

And though I don’t garden so well, I can clean.  Here is my refrigerator:

DSC_0052And for the record, it is time to go to the grocery store.  I put it off as long as I possibly can.  Wouldn’t you if you had to go with three kids?!?  But it was a great time to clean out the refrigerator because there was hardly anything in there!  

Yesterday, Ruby was riding her bike and said, “Look, NO HANDS!”  Then, two seconds later she said to herself, “I think using your hands is best if you are riding a bike.”  Good thinking, Ruby!  Safety first.

DSC_0012We were at the new house making sure the grass was getting enough water.  The grass changed it a lot!

DSC_0034This is a view from the very back of the back yard area.


3 thoughts on “Look, Gran!

  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL THE HOUSE PICS YOU SENT ME!! thanks! i can’t wait to actually get to walk through it!! love reading your blog! can’t wait to see ya’ll next weekend! i am doing the shred too so hopefully we will see “less” of each other!

  2. Ruby, I am so proud of you for remembering to water your petunias. I love the color and they will be full of blooms before you know it. I had that same color last year in my beds and loved them. Thanks for sending us the house pictures. It is beautiful and I know you are excited about the move.

  3. The house looks great! Can’t wait to see more pics! I’m sure you are soooo ready to get in it. PLEASE let me know if we can help pack or do whatever to help whenever the time comes. 🙂

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