Slip and Scoot? and Crawl? and Drink?

My friend, Laura, brought her boys and her SLIP-N-SLIDE over on Wednesday.  It was a treat.  (We have one in storage that Uncle Jason gave the kids…can’t get my hands on it–or anything, for that matter–at the moment.)

Ruby did great with it.

DSC_0062Mack watched carefully and decided that it didn’t look so hard.  As a matter of fact, this looked easy and fun to him!

DSC_0079On your mark, get set, and go…..Hey, wait.  I’m thirsty.





DSC_0085Thirsty again.  This is taking much longer than one would think it should.

DSC_0086“Who is laughing at me?”

DSC_0090“I’m almost there!”

DSC_0092“So close.”


DSC_0095Mack, I don’t think I would do that if I were you.  Standing up on the slip-n-slide is just not a great idea….

DSC_0096But if that’s what you want to do, then go right ahead……



Hope everyone is gearing up for a fabulous Father’s Day weekend.  The kids and I have Josh’s gifts ready, special things from the kids and a night out planned for Josh.  I even found Blackberry Cobbler ice cream for Josh to enjoy on Sunday!  YUMMY.  Goodness knows we need something cold to eat…it is H-O-T here.

One thought on “Slip and Scoot? and Crawl? and Drink?

  1. i am LOL! mack is too much! looks like lots of fun! we will be experimenting with a slip n’ slide tomorrow at kaybeth’s b-day party! hope no one breaks anything!?! wish ya’ll could be here! can’t wait to see you next weekend! hope ya’ll have a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! love ya’ll!!

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