Hot Fun in the Summer Time! And in Big Buckets.

DSC_0009This is the neatest thing.  Gran and PawPaw gave it to the kids while we were there this past weekend.  You hook up the blue thing to the hose, turn on the water, then the kids can press their buckets down on the blue thing and it fills up with water!  Neat-O.  They love it, and I do, too.  

DSC_0023Mack can even do it all by himself.  That is IF his sisters give up their buckets.  He fights pretty hard for it.


So this afternoon right after I gave up on “rest time” for Mack and Molly and right before my hairdresser called to say that she didn’t feel well and couldn’t keep my appointment this evening (UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I decided to show the kids their surprise that I got for them while they were at VBS:

DSC_0038Big “tubs.”  I filled them with water and gave each of them a water gun.  (I got the idea from our friends, The Anderson’s.)  When I walked in Target today and saw these, I thought the kids would enjoy playing in the water this way.  And they did!  A lot.



DSC_0047Crazy Kids.  Please notice Molly’s face in these—

DSC_0045This is the little girl whose teachers in EVERY class she goes says about her, “She is so quiet.  She never says a word.  She just wants to hang out near a teacher.”  She is CRAZY at home and talks non-stop.  And makes silly faces.

DSC_0061And, don’t worry, Mom.  I am watching them and making sure no one drowns in the tubs.  🙂

This is what my sink looked like while I was watching them:


And this is what it looked like after:

DSC_0001Progress.  It took a while, but it got done.

And another highlight of the day was this cute lamp I found for the girl’s room at our new house:


I don’t usually spend very much money, and I am sure Josh will be glad when VBS is over, and I don’t have so much (2.5 hours) free time.  When I have all three kids, I stay home.  I spent all of my cash, so I guess Mack and I are stuck at home the rest of the week.  Oh, well……