What Did I Do Tuesday Night?

Well, I am glad you asked!  I left Josh here with the kids and met up with some girlfriends to go to a cool store in Newnan to do a project!    I am a lot of things, but crafty is not on the list.  I mean, I can cut and glue with my children any time, but this was no cut and glue craft.  

DSC_0001Above you see Cindy, Laynie, Carrie and Coleen.  They were all together, and I chose the chair away from them so that they couldn’t see how horrible I was at this so that they could all be together.  

DSC_0004And this is me as I worked on the flag.  I really did do it by myself (**ahem, Laynie and Cindy, ahem**).  I was the last one sitting there and could have stayed another hour working on all 50 of my stars.  The teacher sent me home with extra paint and the sand paper for distressing it.  


DSC_0108Josh said he liked it.  We’ll see how much when he finds out I put it in his office!  Ha.

DSC_0009Here’s a group shot (minus Carrie) at Steak N Shake.  

We had a wonderful time!  I am so glad I did it.  Hopefully I can do something like this again real soon.