Funny words from Ruby…

I was telling Ruby and the other two that if they would PARTICIPATE in cleaning up the playroom, then they could get a popsicle.  Ruby got to work right away.  Molly and Mack–not so much.  Ruby kept saying, “Mama, I am PERCIPITATING, right?”  And then she’d say, “Molly and Mack are not PERCIPITATING, are they?”  No, they aren’t.

And then today while playing outside in some water she sees a WASP.  “MAMA!!!  There is a SWAMP.  Is it gonna bite me?”  She warned Molly and Mack to stay away from the “SWAMP,” too.  

She also was “BAP-A-TI-ZING” her baby doll in the water.  She asked me if after you are “BAP-A-TIZED,” do you keep on sinning?  Unfortunately, yes, we do.  I tried to touch on the fact that we don’t have to sin though because God has given us the power not to sin…how we have the Holy Spirit inside us to help us….then she said something like, “Will you not watch me do this?”  I think she had heard enough from me.  

We have had a fun day today.  The weather is clear and hot, but windy, so it is tolerable outside today.  I have a lot of work to do around this house.  I just don’t feel like PERCIPITATING though.  I would enlist some help, but I am sure that they would not be willing to PERCIPITATE either.  

Pictures to come on 1)Molly having a friend over, 2) our trip to Augusta, 3) my attempt to let Mack try out underwear.  And just for the record, he is very much still in a diaper.  Very much.

2 thoughts on “Funny words from Ruby…

  1. I’m going to have to do a similar post soon. I keep writing down all the funny things that Anna’s been saying lately. My favorite right now is, “the stink captibull” in place of “the state capitol.” : )

  2. this is hilarious!! can’t wait to see all the pics! please don’t post all of them! haha!

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