A Mess

We had a fun day.  It started off with a playdate at DeDe’s house.  It is always good to see DeDe and Kathy…long time friends…and we have 8 kids combined, so that is always fun!  The kids played in a couple of baby pools and on a slip-n-slide.  We ate lunch there and everything.  After we left, we drove to the new house to water the grass a little bit.  Once we got back to our house the kids just played and played.  They usually play so well with their own stuff after being away from home for several hours.  Mack made his way outside.  I heard Molly say, “Mack thinks that dirt is poo-poo.”  I didn’t really know what she was talking about.  After sweeping and mopping the kitchen, I opened the back door and found that Mack had opened up the bag of potting soil and dumped it everywhere…including all over himself.  I undressed him and put him in the sink.  He sure is a big “baby” to be taking a sink bath!  But he sure is cute.  Check out that farmer’s tan.





I am trying to be mindful that the everyday stuff…the conversations with the girls, the new words Mack says, the messes, the laundry, our music time, teaching Ruby to read….just the mommy stuff I do is so precious.  I am sure the time is flying by faster than I even realize.  I am definitely enjoying the kids more and more these days, and for that I am grateful.

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  1. LOVE his farmer tan! you are such a good mama! i don’t know if i would have had the same reaction! haha! good for you!

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