Tuesday recap

6:11am- wake up

6:17- Have a conversation with myself something like, “Get your tail up and out of this bed right now.  The day is gonna be crazy.”

6:18- pour coffee, add creamer and sugar, smile and walk to my chair

6:20- Write out a “spiritual lifeline” that was very enlightening, Read Psalm 16 (my favorite verses and main ones for marrying Josh), thankful for God’s faithfulness and provision over my entire life.  He is amazing!

6:48- take a shower, get dressed, put makeup on

7:11- make pancakes and scrambled eggs for kiddos

7:21- go wake up the girls

7:23- get the girls started on their breakfast

7:27-go blow dry my hair

7:33-go wake up Mack, get him dressed, sit him down to eat

7:40- tell Ruby and Molly to hurry up and eat so that they can get dressed

7:41:30-make Ruby’s lunch

7:48- load dishwasher

7:52- help Ruby with her skirt and belt and shoes while Molly gets dressed from head to toe with no help

8:00- fix the girls hair

8:15- put stuff back in the pantry, give Molly a snack for her backpack, tell everyone to put a little jacket on

8:20-Go outside, switch around car seats, get everyone buckled , clean out the back for the grocery store run

8:30- Pull out of the drive way…..whew.

Listen to “Creation Bible” CD two times.  Pray for Ruby and Molly and their day at school.

Ruby gets out first.

Drive to church.

Walk Molly to her classroom.

Walk back to car, head to the car wash.  Clean out the car and smile when it is neat and clean, wonder how long it will last.

Go to Wal-Mart.  So happy that they have new grocery carts for the kids.  So much better.

Get distracted with some things for the house, buy some groceries, listen to Mack ask 5, 345 times if he can get out and walk. OH, and there was a potty break for Mack when I was about halfway back in Wal-Mart.  Gotta love that.

Load up car, buckle Mack in the seat.

10:38-Go to Molly’s school, say hi to Mary and kids,  and pick Molly up.

Stop in a Vintage Flea Market on the way home.  See lots of cute things.  Get back in the car.

Drive home, unload groceries and put them away.

Fix kids lunch, me a protein shake.

Start peas in crock pot for dinner.

Wash a few dishes.

Send an email to SS class.

Forward a few emails to Josh.

Decide to go back and buy a few things.  🙂  The nice salesman was very helpful, but moved as slow as molasses…a mode I haven’t been in ever, and I am fairly laid back.  It was painful.

Unloaded new old things for the house.  Smiled because I really liked them!

Cleaned up a stool and spray painted it, all the while telling the kids that this is just not a project they can help me with.  There are tears and whining…of course.  Mack comes over, and as if he is reading my mind, says, “Daddy not mad at you, Mama.  He not mad.”

I go inside to clean my hands from spray paint.

Walk outside again to check on kids and see Mack with his pants down, poop coming out.  I guess he thinks he’s a bear.

I sit him back and let him crap poop in the woods while I wait for Molly, who is also slow as molasses, to bring me some tissue.  She comes back with about three sheets of tissue.  I tell her that I need a ROLL of tissue, please.  “Oh, ok.”  All the while Mack is touching his toes and asking if he can see his poo-poo.  YUCK!!!!

Clean him up, take him inside because dry tissue is just not cutting it.  The entire time he is saying, “I sorry, Mama.  I sorry.  Can I see my poo poo?”

Kids sit and watch a movie while I do some laundry.

At this point it is 2:00pm, people.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday recap

  1. I thought I had good potty stories…you’ve got me beat by a landslide! 🙂 I haven’t ever had one poopie outside. Well, just be happy he took his pants off! 😉 I love reading your blog…..it is fun and brings back many happy memories from what seems like decades ago, but was really only a few, short years ago. Maybe that will encourage you in these crazy days of ‘little people.’ God is molding them and you and it is a fabulous journey!

  2. How boring your life would be if you had stopped without having that boy. He gives you such wonderful blog material!

  3. Whew….I am going to sleep.

    And, I am so glad you have Mack to keep things so interesting and different than all the girly stuff. Good stuff.

  4. Will a bear ______ in the woods? Will a Mack ? You bet ‘cha.

    Gotta love him. This is wayyyyyyyyy out of my area of expertise but it sounds like you handled it correctly. What a good helper Molly is.

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