Still at it…

This week has been wonderful!  Very busy and fun and full of places to go and people to see.  The kids (all 6 of them) seem to have adjusted very well.  They play good together when they are all here at the same time, which hasn’t been all that much.  Our friends have had a much busier schedule than us and have been out of the house a lot.

Thursday night we had our Sunday School class over for a casual dinner to hear all that is going on with our friends and their work overseas.  There were a ton of kids here.  They all did fabulous!!!  The rain held off….Praise the Lord from Whom all blessings flow!  The kids played outside and ate outside, and they all seemed to have fun.

This is most of them sitting and eating under the covered porch area.

Here are all of the kids staying here, minus the 5 month old, another day at lunch time.

Oh, and I meant to update on Ruby’s tooth….

I had to watch her do this for about 8 hours.  Eeeewww.

And now she looks like this:

She looks so cute!  I want her other one to come on out so that she can be totally snaggle tooth.

On another note, tomorrow is Mack’s 3rd birthday.  I am entering the two months of my life where it sounds crazy when I answer the question, “How old are your kids?”…..”Three, Four, and Five–can you point me to the looney bin?”

So, with all the excitement around here, we didn’t plan a big party for Mack.  We don’t usually do big parties at this age anyway, so it’s all good.  We are, however, going to have lunch here at home as a family and enjoy pizza and cake and ice cream and watch Mack open some gifts.  I baked the pitiful cake tonight (pictures may be posted later), and I let Mack help me get the table ready for tomorrow’s lunch.  I can’t explain why he is so upset in these pictures.  It really makes no sense…except that he is turning 3 tomorrow.

“I am so mad that I am getting all these gifts tomorrow and that I have a chocolate cake waiting on me and that the table is decorated with Spider Man stuff.  Life stinks!”

I will update on how the party goes and let you see what’s wrapped up for Mack.  I hear three munchkins playing in their room.   Duty calls.

3 thoughts on “Still at it…

  1. so glad ya’ll had a great time with your guests! ya’ll have a perfect set up for all the kids eating…outside makes it easier for clean up! Love how Ruby’s smile looks…too cute!! and tell Mack we said HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY AND WE LOVE HIM!!

  2. Poor baby…forced to have fun playing with other kids all week…and now you have the nerve to give him a party with cake AND gifts…I would cry, too 😉 I can testify that “3 is the new 2″……………..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MACKY BOY!!!

  3. I love the snaggle tooth. I hate to break it to you but with all of my boys age 3 was the WORST. Their evil twin took over there usually sweet bodies and for about a year we did not eat in public.
    NOT KIDDING…sorry. At age 4 things get back to normal.

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