Monsters, INC.

Have you seen that movie, MONSTERS, INC?  It is really funny.  Mack loves it.  The girls quote it from time to time.  This afternoon we have been outside enjoying the beautiful weather and praying that it just gets better from here….hoping Easter morning isn’t a chilly 35 degrees…

OK, this post is not about the weather.  Molly said, “I like when the big monster says,’Hey, that isn’t Boo’s door‘ and then Mike says, ‘Who’s Boo?!’  and then the big monster says, ‘That’s what I decided to call her (her refers to the little human girl who isn’t supposed to be in their monster land).’  Then, RUBY says, “Yeah, then Mike says, ‘You shouldn’t name her because if you name  her, you will become attached to her‘… know, Mom, how you are becoming attached to us–Ruby, Molly and Mack.”

I guess am a little attached to these three children of mine.  I am glad Ruby noticed.