“Poor Ruby”

Today was a beautiful Friday.  I did some work around the house–you know, laundry, making beds, putting away toys, and so on and so forth.  Ruby was at school.  Molly and Mack played outside most of the morning.  Mary, Ben and Katherine made a stop by while some people looked at their house.  We ate lunch and let the kids play for a while.  Then, Molly got to go on a special play date with GiGi, whom she loves and adores.  The very first thing out of her mouth at 7:02am this morning was, “Is it time for me to go to GiGi’s?”  I’m not kidding.

Josh went to lunch in Cartersville with three other friends.  He ate two gravy burgers, fries, AND a fried apple pie with ice cream while he enjoyed fun conversation with his buddies.

Kid-free lunch?  Never heard of it.

However, this is a lunch I wouldn’t want to have been on…..look at this picture of what he ate:

I picked Ruby up after school with Mack.  I took them to eat Mexican, then took her to soccer practice.  Josh met us at practice.  A funny conversation happened at the restaurant.  I was telling Ruby about our day and all that had happened.  She was shocked that Katherine and Ben came over while she wasn’t here.  She said, “UH.  That is not right.  Daddy had to be at work all day.  I had to be at school, and y’all just had fun.”

Life is hard as a Kindergartener (who goes TWO days a week).  Poor Ruby.

4 thoughts on ““Poor Ruby”

  1. Gross!! I’m glad I wasn’t there either! Mark said he didn’t cave into the peer pressure to eat it but would like to know what it tasted like. Unthinkable.

  2. Well, now that you know that Josh will eat just about anything, I would try serving dog food for dinner. It would save on the grocery bill and the time and effort of deciding what to cook. That one lunch may have just changed your life! Of course, there is the problem of still having to feed yourself and the kids, but cereal goes a long way, right???

  3. Alex used to get upset like that, too, when he was in Kindergarten and Brandon and I would have friends over on a school day. He just felt so left out! Josh’s lunch looks terrible. I would not have even tasted that and I am kind of shocked that after eating it he could still eat dessert……or anything else. Shane probably would have done the same thing though. Men and their heatlhy eating habits, huh? One more reason God gave them wives I guess. Oh, and I am just cracking up at Mack. This is going to be a GREAT story when he meets his wife-to-be!!! I can’t wait!

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