It has been beautiful the last few days.  Today it is raining a lot, which is actually kind of nice.  Here are some pictures from our sunny days….

This may or may not have happened under my watch.

It was a beautiful day!  My kids seem to think that they need to undress in weather like this.  It has been a long time since we saw and felt such sunshine and warmth.

The girls got new beds this weekend, too.  Cindy and Rocky were selling these, and we bought them.  I love how they warmed up the girls room.  The girls really like them!

This is a bird hanging in their room that Ruby named “Sunshine.”  Josh likes to get Ruby mad by calling the bird “Moonlight.”  Not an important bit of information, but a little fact that I want to remember.  Bedtime can be going great and calm, and then Josh can say, “Goodnight, Moonlight,” and then Ruby starts fussing.  And I give Josh the evil-eye.

Have a great WEDNESDAY!