Oh, the randomness

We have not been doing that much this week besides school and house work.  It’s enough to keep us busy, but it really isn’t all that exciting.  So here are some random pictures from around here.

We had a birthday party here on Sunday.  Katherine, Ruby’s friend, turned 6 years old.  The Koester family is moving to TN soon, so their house in on the market and being shown–that’s why we had her party here at our house.  It was fun.  Katherine was totally surprised.

Sunday afternoon after the party, Josh and Mack took a nap in our room.  Josh let Mack sleep on my new duvet cover without a pull up on, so we all know what happened.  I had to wash it.  I didn’t want to dry it, so we draped it over the kitchen table overnight.  The kids woke up Monday morning and enjoyed having a play house.

This is Molly shaking her booty, something she likes to do way too often:

And this is Mack in his big boy belt.  He has wanted a belt for some time now…and that’s all I’m saying about that.

So here’s to another school-filled, work-filled day.  I just hope no one poops in the woods today.

7 thoughts on “Oh, the randomness

  1. Oh no! Katherine is moving? So sad for those two besties….
    Would not surprise me a bit if they are still friends when they are grown.

  2. Love the random pics…sometimes those are the best. And I like that Mack seems to be studying his “thumbs-up” to make sure it’s right 😉

  3. With having two girls, I have never had to deal with pooping outside of the house. Wow, not sure if I will recover from laughter on that one! Priceless!!

  4. I just showed Vance the cool belt that Mack is wearing…he says “Just like Jesse’s”…uh, not exactly 😉

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